Numenera Novella Indigo


From the Depths: Indigo ist eine Kurzgeschichte, die als Hintergrunderzählung für das Computerspiel Torment: Tides of Numenera entstand. Sie wurde von Ray Vallese verfasst und im Mai 2015 als englischsprachiges Ebook veröffentlicht.[1]

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Offizielle Inhaltsbeschreibung:

Tuck knew almost nothing about his past before the village of New Iqa took him in. And when the isolated settlement is nearly wiped out in a horrific catastrophe, it seems like the end of the world; but the survivors soon learn that thing can always get worse.
Does their only hope lie with the other villages scattered across the bewildering valley? Or must they look to the ominous water city of M'ra Jolios, home to the unknowable mutants that Tuck's people are quick to call monsters? Perhaps the catastrophe wasn't an accident after all.
Tuck can't trust the leader of New Iqa to do what's best for everyone. He knows he must act. And his friend Baji might be able to help. Baji has always given him good advice.
Even if he is just a voice in Tuck's head.

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Der Titelzusatz "Indigo" verweist auf die Indigo-Tide, eine Spielmechanik von Torment, die einem Gesinnungssystem ähnelt und in diesem Fall für Aspekte wie Gerechtigkeit, Fairness, Ausgleich und Gemeinwohl steht.

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  • Ray Vallese: From the Depths: Indigo (Novella im Rahmen von Torment: Tides of Numenera), Mai 2015 (Ebook).

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