Special Abilities Edit

Icon Name Character Description Use
Dead Truce The Nameless One +4 AC against undead Permanent
Fall-from-Grace's Kiss Fall-from-Grace Drains HP from target to give it to Fall-from-Grace. 10x / Day
Litany curses spell ability Litany of Curses Morte Morte taunts enemies, attracting their attention and decreasing their damage, accuracy and AC. Unlimited
Nordom's Warp Sense Nordom 90% chance of detecting a portal when Nordom hits a portal trigger area. Permanent
Raise dead ability spell Raise Dead TNO Resurrects a dead party member. 3x / Day
Sensory Touch Fall-from-Grace, TNO Heals 1-10 HP on target at the cost of the caster's HP. 1x / Day
Skull mob ability spell Skull Mob Morte Summon's Morte's skull friends to attack a target. 3x / Day
Stories-Bones-Tell Stories-Bones-Tell TNO Enables conversations with the deceased. Unlimited

Thief Abilities Edit

These abilities are available only to thieves. Annah and The Nameless One as a thief automatically have these abilities.

Icon Name Description
Hand open lock pick pocket disarm trap ability Disarm Trap Disables harmful traps on the ground.
Detect traps ability Detect Traps Activated ability that increases the chances of noticing traps.
Hide shadows stealth ability Hide in Shadows Activated ability that allows the user to sneak stealthily past unaware targets.
Hand open lock pick pocket disarm trap ability Open Locks Allows user to force open locked doors and containers.
Hand open lock pick pocket disarm trap ability Pick Pockets Allows user to pickpocket unaware targets or steal items from shops.
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