Abyssal Fury is a 9th level mage spell that unleashes the fury of the Abyss upon a target, either killing him or dealing large amounts of damage.

"When compared to the Tanar'ri, at least the Baatezu are more civilized. There is, perhaps, nothing more horrific than the unbounded fury of the Abyss. By use of this spell, the ground shall split open and the victim dragged into the Tanar'rian Madness. Welcome to Hell."

Effects Edit

This spell opens a planar portal beneath a specified victim and drags them down into the Abyss. The portal remains open even after the victim is swallowed in. The only sound bystanders hear is the incessant screaming of the victim as he/she is torn apart by the ruthless Tanar'ri. After what seems like only a few seconds (which is more than an eternity for the victim in the Abyss), the victim (or what's left of him) gets spit back out of the portal.

  • If the victim makes a successful saving throw, he will get spit out of the portal in 'one piece', but while the victim senses nothing at first, after a split-second, all the Wrath of the Tanar'ri will surface. The victim will suffer 5-510 pts. of damage as he suffers multiple 'delayed' attacks and slashes from all angles.
  • If the victim fails the saving throw, it is instant death. All that is left are body parts.

Acquisition Edit

The spell can be learnt from:

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