Because of the lack of armor, accessories play an important part in Planescape: Torment. Alongside the traditional accessories such as rings, earrings and bracelets, more exotic accessories like eyeballs and lenses can be found.

Bracelets Edit

Icon Name Effect Base Price
Bell shield Bell's Shield +3 Wis, +25% Magic Res, Memorize +1 1st-6th Level Priest Spell 25000
Bronze bracelet Bronze Bracelet None 75
Dread bond Dread Bond Immunity to Panic, +1 Str 1500
Gold bracelet Gold Bracelet None 350
Intestinal phylactery icon Intestinal Phylactery Invokes: "Heal," +9 base HP, +2 AC 2000
Magus guard Magus Guard Sets base AC to 6 500
Magus shield Magus Shield Sets base AC to 4 1500
Silver bracelet Silver Bracelet None 200
Spider bracelet Spider Bracelet +25% Normal Res., +10 HP, -1 Int, -1 Wis 1000
Tarnished silver bracelet Tarnished Silver Bracelet None 125

Earrings Edit

Icon Name Effect Base Price
Ancient copper earring Ancient Copper Earring None 50/200
Amber earrings Amber Earrings +2 AC, Memorize +2 1st Level Mage Spells 1500
Anarchist earring 1 Anarchist Earring #1 +1 Charisma 750
Anarchist earring 2 Anarchist Earring #2 Invokes: "Blindness" 750
Anarchist earring 3 Anarchist Earring #3 Immunity to Panic 750
Anarchist earring 4 Anarchist Earring #4 Invokes: "Pacify" 750
Chained-Teeth Earrings +5% Open Locks
Copper Earring Copper Earring None 50
Crimson sphere earring Crimson Sphere Earring +10% Fire Res., +5% Magical Fire Res. 500
Dustman earring Dustman Earring +30% Cold, Magical Cold, Fire, Magical Fire Res., +2 Save vs. Death Magic 500
Gold earring Gold Earring None 200
Obsidian earring Obsidian Earring +10% Stealth 250
Rule of three earring Rule-of-Three Earring Invokes: "Minor Copper Blessing" 150
Silver earring Silver Earring None 100
Stinger earring Stinger Earring +2 AC, +2 AC vs. Piercing 1250

Eyeballs Edit

Icon Name Effect Base Price
Glass angleless eye Angle-Less Eye +1 AC vs. Missile, -1 AC vs. Crushing, +10% Detect Traps, +1 THAC0 500
Eyeball Eyeball None 0
Glass angleless eye Glass Eye -1 Damage, -1 THAC0 0
Kaleidoscopic eye Kaleidoscopic Eye Invokes Chromatic Orb, +1 Saving Throws, +1 Save vs. Spell, +5% Magic Res. 3000
Fiendish eye kalem darr icon The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Darr +2 charisma, +5% fire res, +5% magical fire res, +5% gas attack res, +5% cold res, +5% magical cold res, -1 wisdom 1500
Eye vecna ignus Eye of Vecna Doubles all 1st and 2nd level mage spells, +35% magic resistance, +4 save vs. Death Magic, -3 to wisdom, -3 to intelligence 500

Lenses Edit

Icon Name Effect Base Price
Lens bat beer goggles Beer Goggles Cursed, Intoxicates Wearer, Immunity to Panic, -1 to Damage, +10 to Base HP, THAC0: -1 to Missile Weapons 1
Lens bat beer goggles Lens of the Bat Cursed, Induces Blindness, -4 to damage, THAC0: -4 to Missile Weapons 1
Lens confounding Lens of Confounding +2 to AC 500
Lens horizon magnifying Lens of the Horizon -50 to Lore Skill, THAC0: +5 to Missile Weapons 3000
Lens inherent viciousness Lens of Inherent Viciousness +2 to Damage, THAC0: +2 to Missile Weapons 600
Lens perspicacity optix Lens of Perspicacity +1 to Damage, +1 to Save vs. Spells, +3 to Lore skill, THAC0: +1 to Missile Weapons 1000
Lens seeing double Lens of Seeing Double +8 to Damage, THAC0: -2 to Missile Weapons 2222
Lens horizon magnifying Magnifying Lens +10 to Lore skill, -2 to Damage, THAC0: -2 to Missile Weapons 200
Lens nordom ocular Nordom's Ocular +1 to Missile Weapons 250
Lens perspicacity optix Optix Cursed, Invokes: "Knock," +2 to Damage, +15% critical hit chance, +1 Luck, THAC0: +2 to Missile Weapons 10000
Lens stealth retractable scope Retractable Scope +1 to Damage, THAC0: +2 to Missile Weapons 750
Lens stealth retractable scope Stealth Lens Phases wearer, +4 to AC, +2 to AC vs. Missile Weapons, +2 to all saving throws, +50% resistance to Missile Weapons 8000
Lens time eyepiece Time's Eyepiece +2 to AC, +2 to AC vs. Missile Weapons, THAC0: +3 to Missile Weapons 3000

Rings Edit

Icon Name Effect Base Price
Adahn ring Adahn's Ring None 50
Aegis of torment Aegis of Torment +3 Constitution, +15 Base HP, +3 AC 25000
Bronze Ring Bronze Ring None 50
Deionarra wedding ring Deionarra's Wedding Ring +1 Saving Throws, +1 AC, +3 AC vs. Piercing 1000
Deionarra wedding ring Deionarra's Wedding Ring (Upgraded) +3 Saving Throws, +3 AC, +3 AC vs. Piercing 5000
Displacer ring Displacer Ring +2 AC 1000
Twisted gehraise ring Gehraise's Ring +3 Save vs. Poison 100
Gold ring Gold Ring None 200
Mempa biting ring Mempa's Biting Ring +2 AC, Cursed 1000
Negative token Negative Token Ward against shadows, Holds shadows Temporarily 0
Ring fallen stars Ring of Fallen Stars Invokes: "Meteor Storm Bombardment" 4000
Ring traveler Ring of the Traveler +1 AC 200
Ring thex Ring of Thex +20 Base HP, +4 AC, +2 Saving Throws 10000
Ring zero Ring Zero +3 AC, +3 Intelligence, +1 1st-9th Level Mage Spell 25000
Serpent ring Serpent Ring Immune to Poison, +33% Magic Res., +2 Save vs Spell 1000
Silver ring Silver Ring None 100
Twisted gehraise ring Twisted Ring +1 AC 200
Ring almost invisibility Yevrah's Ring of Almost Invisibility +1 AC 349
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