Aid is a 2nd Level Priest Spell that improves its recipient's accuracy, saving throws and health points.

"Bolster an allies' courage, giving him added skill and the ability to withstand more damage."

Effects Edit

Aid Grants +1 to hit and +1 to saves to the target creature, provided that being is not already engaged in combat. The spell also provides 1-8 more hit points for the target creature for the duration of the spell; this spell allows the creature to have more than its ordinary total hit points. These hit points are only temporary, and disappear when the spell ends - however, if the creature loses those hit points to damage, it does not lose additional points when the spell expires.

Acquisition Edit

This spell will automatically be learnt when the priest reaches level 3.

Items that cast Aid Edit

Some items can be used to cast Aid without the character knowing the spell or even being a priest. Those items are:

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