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"Evil implies harming, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some malevolent deity or master." - D&D 3rd edition[1]

Below is a detailed guide of what The Nameless One can say and do in order to become Evil.

General GuidelinesEdit

In order to become Evil, The Nameless One should:

  • Threaten people
  • Kill innocents
  • Demand rewards for tasks
  • Steal

Telling the truth and lying don't generally affect Evilness, as they influence Law and Chaos instead.

Note: The values for alignment are hidden in Planescape: Torment. Qwinn's Tweak Pack has a component called the Scale of Souls, which, if installed, allows the player to view alignment values. The Nameless One starts the game with a "Good" and "Lawful" rating of 0, signifying neutrality. Evil acts subtract from the "Good" value, and when the rating reaches -21, the alignment changes to Evil; when it reaches 15, the alignment switches to Good.[2]

Evil ActionsEdit

The MortuaryEdit

2nd FloorEdit

  • Threatening Vaxis.
  • Vowing not to reveal Vaxis and then break the vow.

3rd FloorEdit

1st FloorEdit

  • Lying to Deionarra, telling her her name sounds familiar. (Also increases Chaos)

The Hive, Mortuary AreaEdit

Gathering Dust BarEdit

  • Truthfully threatening Mortai with his life during Angyar's quest.
  • Demanding money from Awaiting-Death in exchange for killing him.
    • Taking Awaiting-Death's money and leaving without killing him (also increases Chaos).
    • Actually killing Awaiting-Death. (Also increases Chaos)

The Hive, Smoldering Corpse AreaEdit

Smoldering Corpse BarEdit

  • Insisting Dak'kon answer the question of whether he knows himself or not.
  • Demanding the money back after buying TNO's eye back from Barkis.
  • Threatening Mochai with death unless she pays for TNO's silence.
  • Poisoning Mochai with embalming fluid instead of lending her money.

The Hive, Marketplace AreaEdit

  • Telling Ash-Mantle where the Gathering Dust Bar is... for a price.
  • Lying to Ash-Mantle concerning the bar and asking him for money (also increases chaos)
  • Lying to him saying TNO doesn't know where the bar is if he has already visited it. (also increases chaos)
  • Lying that TNO will let Ash-Mantle go after grabbing him when he tried to run.
  • Emphasizing that TNO will let Ash-Mantle *live* after grabbing him when he tried to run.
  • Threatening Ash-Mantle when deciding his fate.
  • Demanding payment from Craddock for finding Jhelai.
  • Demanding payment from the Crier of Es-Annon for helping him find a tombstone.
  • Laughing at the Crier of Es-Annon when he does pay. (Also increases chaos)
  • Telling Reekwind his name fits him well.

The Hive, Northwestern AreaEdit

  • Telling Fleece the TNO doesn't have the time to look for his aunt's house.
  • Lying to Fleece, telling him he knows... for a price. (also increases chaos)
  • Attacking Fleece after catching him stealing.
  • Offering to help Arlo in the flophouse... for a price.
  • Killing Mar at the end of his quest.

The Hive, Alley of Dangerous AnglesEdit

The Hive, Ragpicker's SquareEdit

  • Telling Marrow-Friend that TNO will let him take a bite, but refusing later.
  • Asking Sharegrave for money in exchange for finding out what Pharod is doing.
  • Telling Old Mebbeth that the reason TNO wants to be a mage is for power.
  • Asking Nodd for money to look for his sister.
  • Lying to Nodd, telling him his sister is a foul whore. (Also increases chaos)
  • Lying to get out of giving Nodd his sister's money. (Also increases chaos)

Trash WarrensEdit

There are no opportunities to do evil in the Trash Warrens.

Buried VillageEdit

  • Threatening Radine into giving the number back.
  • Demanding payment from Ku'u Yin for getting him his number back.

Pharod's Court Edit

  • Lying that TNO won't kill Pharod if he doesn't like his answers.
  • Truthfully threatening Pharod to hand over TNO's belongings.

Weeping Stone CatacombsEdit

Dead Nations Edit

  • Refusing to submit to the undead when entering the area. (Also increases chaos.)
  • Telling Acaste that the Silent King is really dead. (Also increases chaos.)

Warrens of Thought Edit

  • Telling Many-as-One about the Silent King's secret, if TNO has previously vowed not to. (Also increases chaos.)

Tenement of Thugs Edit

Lower WardEdit

Clerk's WardEdit


Evil CharactersEdit


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