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"Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others." - D&D 3rd edition[1]

Below is a detailed guide of what The Nameless One can say and do in order to become Good.

General GuidelinesEdit

In order to become Good, The Nameless One should:

  • Be helpful to others
  • Never ask for a reward in return for doing a task
  • Never kill innocents
  • Never threaten anyone

Telling the truth and lying don't generally affect Goodness, as they influence Law and Chaos instead.

Note: The values for alignment are hidden in Planescape: Torment. Qwinn's Tweak Pack has a component called the Scale of Souls, which, if installed, allows the player to view alignment values. The Nameless One starts the game with a "Good" and "Lawful" rating of 0, signifying neutrality. Evil acts subtract from the "Good" value, and when the rating reaches -21, the alignment changes to Evil; when it reaches 15, the alignment switches to Good.[2]

Good ActionsEdit

The MortuaryEdit

2nd FloorEdit

  • In the starting room, when Morte tells you to kill the zombie to get the key, ask if there is any other way.
  • In your conversation with Dhall, asking if he is ill, then asking if there is anything you can do to help him.
  • In your conversation with Dhall, asking about the 'shadow of life', why he think's it's not real, and saying "I think your fatalism has gotten the better of you..."

3rd FloorEdit

1st FloorEdit

  • Asking Morte if he'd like the body of one of the Giant Skeletons, then worrying about his safety.

The Hive, Mortuary AreaEdit

Gathering Dust BarEdit

  • When Sere asks how old she looks,
    • "Let her down gently".
    • "Lie out of kindness". (Also increases Chaos)

The Hive, Smoldering Corpse AreaEdit

  • Agreeing with Mourns-for-Trees that it is sad the trees are dying.
  • Telling Mourns-for-Trees "Truth: I'll help." when he asks the party to believe in the trees.

Smoldering Corpse BarEdit

  • Lending Mochai 100 coppers for her bar tab.

The Hive, Marketplace AreaEdit

The Hive, Northwestern AreaEdit

  • Telling Fleece TNO can "certainly" help him.
  • Telling Fleece the truth, that TNO doesn't know where his aunt lives.
  • Telling Porphiron that TNO will see if he can get the thugs to return his prayer beads.
  • Offering to help Arlo in the flophouse.

The Hive, Alley of Dangerous AnglesEdit

The Hive, Ragpicker's SquareEdit

  • Offering to help Sharegrave for free.
  • Offering to help Old Mebbeth with her chores after doing her quests. (Also increases law)
  • Thanking Old Mebbeth for everything.
  • Agreeing to find Nodd's sister for free.
  • Lying to Nodd, telling him his sister is a server in a tavern. (Also increases chaos)
  • Offering to buy Morte from Yellow-Fingers
  • Giving Yellow-Fingers money after catching him stealing (Verification needed)

Trash WarrensEdit

There are no good actions to be done in the Trash Warrens.

Buried VillageEdit

  • Offering to buy the items off Marta
  • Telling Radine she doesn't need a number to give her life meaning
  • Simply giving Ku'u Yin his number back, without asking for compensation (also increases lawfulness)

Pharod's Court Edit

  • Saying that TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, and will try to make it up to him if he can. (Also increases lawfulness)
  • Saying TNO is sorry for Pharod's loss, "for what that's worth."

Weeping Stone CatacombsEdit

Dead Nations Edit

Lower WardEdit

Clerk's WardEdit


Good CharactersEdit


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