Alissa Tield oversees the main foundry area of the Great Foundry. She is very busy, but will stop to talk to The Nameless One as needed.

Conversation Edit

Ordinarily, Alissa would be happy to provide a tour of the Great Foundry, but due to a large, secret contract consuming nearly everyone's attention, she is unable to provide one. If asked about accessing the guarded room in the main foundry area, Alissa tells TNO that he'll need to talk to Keldor. If asked about the Godsmen, Alissa explains her take on their beliefs and can provide TNO with information about how to join the faction. Additionally, Alissa also tells TNO what items he needs to safely work the forge, as well as how to acquire them.

If TNO is trying to solve the murder for Keldor in order to become a Godsman, he can ask Alissa what she knows of the murder. She tells TNO that she working late, heard sounds of a scuffle, and saw a shadowy figure slip out the door into the meeting hall, prompting her to sound the alarm. Furthermore, Alissa Tells TNO that only Thildon, Saros, and Bedai-Lihn had access to the building the night of the murder and that Keldor has cleared of her of suspicion using a spell.

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