A maze of stone and stone walls, the Alley of Dangerous Angles is a charred area filled with rubbish heaps and empty containers, and the occasional small hut made of wood or wicker or other simple materials.

Rival gangs, the Darkalley Shivs and Razor Angels, fight for dominance in the alley. A decaying cathedral can be found on the east side. The area is in the direct center of the Hive, but can only be accessed from the southwest Marketplace Area, and the northeast Mortuary Area.

History Edit

This area was once burnt down by a pyromaniac mage named Ignus. Many inhabitants died as a result. He was caught and punished by surviving hedge-mages – common folk knowledgeable in the Art – so that his body would serve as a conduit to the Plane of Elemental Fire. Much to their surprise, Ignus continued to burn, alive but semi-comatose. He eventually became the mascot of the Smoldering Corpse Bar.

Gangs Edit

The members of two gangs, the Darkalley Shivs (led by a man named Rotten William), and the Razor Angels (led by a woman named Krystall), will continue to spawn here and attack until their leaders are killed. Members of each gang will attack members of the other if that is the closest target. They will drop loot if they kill each other, but XP is only gained if a party member deals the killing blow.

When the party first enters the area, Darkalley Shivs will ask for a 10 copper toll. The Nameless One can either pay up, or kill them.

Map Edit

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Alley of dangerous angles map

Inhabitants Edit

In the burnt building (X=1700 Y=1850)

In the cathedral (X=2450 Y=1300):

Experience and quests Edit

See each individual character page for more detailed information about quests and conversations.

Blackrose, Krystall, and Rotten William quests
  • 1500 XP for killing either Krystall or Rotten William for Blackrose
  • 1500 XP for killing Rotten William for Krystall, OR for killing Krystall for Rotten William
  • 1500 XP for killing the remaining leader for Blackrose (Blackrose will give this XP even if both leaders were killed before seeing him)


  • 1920 XP total and 1000 copper for killing Blackrose for the remaining leader
  • 1500 XP for telling Blackrose that the Nameless One is immortal when he wants to fight
Other area quests
  • 500 XP for fetching three rings for Rauk in the nearby tents
  • 1000 XP for getting Aola to dispose of Moridor's Box as part of Mar's quest

Items Edit

Only two useful items can be found in this area:

In the burnt building, where Rauk is:

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