The Alley of Lingering Sighs is a place most of the Hive's denizens avoid at all costs. It widely thought to be haunted. The area is a mish-mash of destroyed and reconstructed buildings, and there are a few Dabus working on repairing the Alley.

Map Edit

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Alley of lingering sighs map

Walkthrough Edit

Inside a small dwelling (X=1000 Y=1400), there is a dead Dabus. With the Stories-Bones-Tell ability, the Nameless One can try to have a conversation with him, but will instead be shown a vision of how the Dabus died, trapped in the room that spontaneously sealed itself, whose walls kept patching back up any holes the Dabus made with his hammer. This grants 1000 XP. His hammer can be looted from his corpse.

The Alley and the Dabus Edit

The path leads to a gate (X=3400 Y=1500), which leads to another area in the Alley, where Annah found TNO's body. Before the area can be examined, a face appears in a nearby wall, and it speaks with the sounds of the alley. It says it recognizes TNO, and shows a vision of how he died, killed by shadows, and how Annah found him.

It quickly becomes apparent that it is the Alley itself who is speaking, and it says it feels a pressure, that it doesn't have enough space and needs to divide. And it can't divide if the Dabus are constantly repairing it. It promises to open a way to the Lower Ward if TNO helps it get rid of the Dabus still repairing it.

Back in the main Alley area, the living Dabus can be told about the dead Dabus, which makes him abandon his work to find his comrade. You must then talk to the Alley face again, before it will let you repair the two sites.

  • Lawful: Telling the Dabus the truth about how the other Dabus died.
  • Chaotic: Lying to the Dabus about how the other Dabus died.

Completing this quest rewards on of these:

  • 11,500 XP for getting the Dabus to stop repairing the Alley.
  • 1500 XP for directly killing the live Dabus (the Alley doesn't like that at all)
  • 15,000 XP for already having told the Dabus about the dead Dabus before the Alley asks that favor (Only with Qwinn's Fixpack)

Annah can be spoken to here. When asked how she found TNO's body, she will say that she somehow felt compelled to look in this area. This line of inquiry rewards 2500 XP.

Un-repairing the damage Edit

But that is not all the Alley needs. To divide, the repairs made by the Dabus need to be undone. There are two spots in the main alley area that need destroying, some loose boards and a strengthened wall (X=2800 Y=1290 and X=820 Y=1120). The repairs require a hammer (one can be found near the body of the dead Dabus in the small dwelling, as noted above) and an Iron Prybar (One can be found in the Tenement of Thugs).

Before returning to the Alley, to complete this quest, it is advisable to move items from Morte's inventory to another companion's. The reason why will become apparent when the party reaches the next area.


Completing this task and returning to the Alley rewards:

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