"This ancient copper earring has a series of grooves cut along the inside. Although there doesn't appear to be an obvious way to wear it, it can be unlocked by hooking your fingernail into the third groove from the top and pressing inwards.
"Not only does this allow the earring to be worn, but it also opens up a hollow compartment inside the earring where messages or other small items can be stored. The earring might be worth more to a merchant as a result."

Uses Edit

Acquisition Edit

The Ancient Copper Earring (Closed) can be found at:

In order for it to become more valuable in the eyes of merchants, The Nameless One must figure out a way to open it. This can be done by finding the zombie 79 on the Mortuary 3rd Floor (X=1670 Y=2440) and examining his "Fanged Circle". Examining the earring after that will allow TNO to open it and gain 250 XP.

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