Angyar is a man who sold his corpse to the Dustmen to be raised as a Zombie after his death. He bitterly regrets signing the Dead Contract, and his mood has suffered tremendously for it.

Quest Edit

Angyar is initially extremely hostile. The Nameless One can kill him on the spot for a few experience points, but it is more rewarding to not provoke him, and speak to his wife, astutely named 'Wife-of-Angyar' first. If asked what's wrong, she will tell TNO about the trouble with the contract.

If TNO accepts the quest, he can find Angyar's Dead Contract with Mortai Gravesend in the Gathering Dust Bar. TNO can handle this in several ways:

  • Switch the contract for a forged one, if he has one. (Requires 13 Dexterity or 36 Pick Pockets)
  • Reason with Mortai on philosophical grounds, if TNO knows the Dustmen doctrine.
  • Threatening him to hand over the contract (increases Evil and Chaos)

This rewards 500XP.

Angyar is still very angry when TNO returns with the contract. The best outcome is simply to tear it up in front of him, without getting into the how or why of it. This grants 500 XP.

TNO can then ask Angyar about Pharod for a further 500 XP.

Alignment Edit

Conversation with Wife-of-Angyar:

  • Evil: Saying that if she was going to call her husband, she would have done so already.
  • Evil, Chaotic: Threatening her into asking questions (this option always fails and she attacks)
  • Good: Asking her what's wrong
  • Good: Offering to help

Conversation with Mortai:

  • Evil: Threatening Mortai into giving TNO the contract.
  • Chaotic: Bluffing, threatening Mortai.

Conversation with Angyar:

  • Good: Telling him to "consider this free"
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