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Annah, like the other companions, speaks at random intervals[1] to acknowledge her selection, to announce that she has leveled up, to express her mood or feelings about the other companions, to complain about missing her target while attacking, to warn that she is about to die, or simply to show that she is bored. She also has some conversations with other companions.

Annah is voiced by Sheena Easton and has a Scottish accent.

Note: Banter with other companions in the original game is rare and it is possible to miss the vast majority of it (only 12 out of the 78 fully-voiced banters play).[2] Qwinn's Tweak Pack contains a banter accelerator that fixes this problem, allowing most of the conversations to appear in one playthrough. Banter is usually initiated after resting or travelling.

Voice files[]

  • Selection: "Aye?", "Hmm?", "Ready.", "I'm here.", "Aye. What?", "What ye be wanting now?"
  • Command: "Why not?", "Right.", "Might as well."
  • Removed from party: "I won't wait here forever.", "A'right, I'll leave then.", "Right, I'm off.", "I'll be right here... waiting fer you.", "A'right, I'll be here if you need me."
  • Level up: "I've learned some new tricks."
  • Bored pronouncement: "If you need me, I'll be over here...bored"
  • Tired: "Right, we need to set up Kip now."
  • Moody: (Companion dependent)
    • Morte: "If you keep bobbing about, Skull, I'm gonna mount you on the end of a Pike!"
    • Morte: "Stop staring at my tail, ya skull." (restored in Unfinished Business mod)
    • Ignus: "We need to get rid of Ignus, he's a burning crackle house!"
    • Vhailor: "Are you listenin' to me? We need to lose this Mercykiller before he pens us all in the deadbook."
    • Fall-from-Grace: "What do we need the Succubus for? She'll turn on us, she will!"

When the player repeatedly selects her (such as hitting the number keys over and over):

  • "Well, I'm not that sort o' girl."
  • "Cut it out, I'm not deaf!"
  • "Get yer eyes off me arse."
  • "Ye like my wee tail? I'll wag it at ya."

Combat comments[]

  • Critical miss: "Dammit!"
  • Critical hit: "HAH!"
  • Appeal: "Oof, this is what I get for gettin' into a scrape."
  • Stuck in trap or in combat: "Ow!"
  • Target immune to weapon: "Me dagger's not workin' on this thing."

Thief skills:

  • Hide in Shadows succeeded: "Like a shadow, I am."
  • Hide in Shadows failed: "Failed."
  • Leaving shadows: "Left the Shadows."
  • Disarm Trap succeeded: "Disarmed it."
  • Disarm Trap failed: "Oof, dolt thing."
  • Open Locks succeeded: "Got it."
  • Open Locks failed: "Ach, messed up."
  • Pick Pockets succeeded: "Got it."
  • Pick Pockets failed: "Not this time."
  • Pick Pockets failed, target had no items: "Sod's got nothing on 'im."
  • Pick Pockets failed, target is hostile: "Already weighty that one is."
  • Pick Pockets failed, inventory full: "My pack's too full to pick his pocket."

Death and resurrection comments[]

Upon the Nameless One's death in combat:

  • "No matter, he'll be up in a bit."

Upon Morte's death in combat:

  • "Ah, Morte, ye need not bein' so daft."

Upon Dak'kon's death in combat:

  • "Poor gith, he seemed like a right enough sort."

Upon Vhailor's death in combat:

  • "Ah, thank the powers."
  • "Damned Mercykiller."

Upon Ignus' death in combat:

  • "Bout time somebody bled him out!"

Upon Fall-from-Grace's death in combat:

  • "She should have been more careful."

Upon the Nameless One's resurrection:

  • "Creepy rising from the dead you are."
  • "Didnae really think you were deathless, cursed you are."
  • "Just seein' ya crawl back to life like that, gives me the shivers."
  • "Are you alright?"
  • "You're alright now, aren't ye?"
  • "Oh... thought we'd lost ye."
  • "Oh... I thought we'd lost ye."
  • "Phew... thought I'd lost ye that time."
  • "Hmmm, thought I'd lost yet that time. Not that I care, mind you."

Equipment remarks[]

Characters also have 'Inventory full', 'Encumbered, cannot run', 'Encumbered, cannot move', 'Bash success', 'Bash fail', 'Target immune to weapon', a comment when they leave the party, a statement when approached again after they have been removed from the party, and a greeting when they rejoin the party[1]

  • Inventory full, item dropped: "I couldnae carry it, so I had to drop it."
  • Encumbered, cannot run: "Cannae run with this stuff."
  • Encumbered, cannot move: "Carrying too much to move."
  • Bash succeeded: "Bashed it inna half, don't know my own strength."
  • Bash failed: "Can't force it!

If the player attempts to remove her default equipped items:

  • Weapon: "Touch my blades again, and I'll put them in your skull."
  • Weapon: "Pike off!"
  • Weapon: "I'm not giving that up."
  • Weapon: "Keep yer mitts off that. Hey!"
  • Armor: "Watch the leather."
  • Armor: "Hey! Watch the leather."
  • Armor: "Get yer mitts off, ye dirty wee rat!"
  • Armor: "Mitts off, ye lecherous filth." (bugged, fixed in Fixpack 4.0)
  • Armor: "There's no way in hell that's getting taken away from me."
  • Armor: "Keep yer mitts of it."

Location remarks[]

  • Hive (day): "Oh, I grew up here. Not a pleasant childhood mind you."
  • Hive (night): "Y'ever get the feeling ye're bein' watched? Ye are."
  • Fell's Tattoo Parlor (first visit): "Are ye daft? We'll draw the Lady's gaze if we stay here, we will."
  • Clerk's Ward: "Old Ward, also known as: Wanker City."
  • Lower Ward: "My lungs feel like a chimney!"
  • Ravel's Maze: "Ooh... from bad to worse we go!"
  • Baator: "The sooner we're gone from here, the better."
  • Rubikon: "Ooh, this place stinks o' oil! Ufh!"
  • Curst: "Don't you trust anyone here, ya got me?"
  • Carceri: "Right. Get the work done, get out o' here."

Annah and Morte[]

Morte: Annah, could you stop flicking that tail, it's irritating.
Annah: If you shut your trap, then I'll stop waving my tail.
Morte: Flick away then.
Morte: So, fiendling, let me, uh, sit on your lap and hear a little story.
Annah: Oh yeah, you trying to sit in my lap would make a grand tale.... and a short one.
Morte: I'll just float over here and sulk then.
Morte: It couldn't hurt you to say a few words to me, fiendling.
Annah: Oh, aye, it could... hurt yeh, that is.
Morte: Say, Annah, does that tail go all the way up?
Annah: Oh, aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains.
Morte: (in a Scottish accent which is surprisingly accurate given the thick Morte accent, mimics Annah) 'Aye, up your bone box to rip out your brains.'
Annah: Stand away from me, Morte.
Morte: I can't stand anywhere. It's this uh, legs thing, you know?
Annah: FIND a way, skull.
Morte: You know, fiendling, I've seen the way you look at the chief. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just say something.
Annah: I'll never tell him how I feel, nor shall you prattle on to him about it. There's a mark o' doom on 'im, and I'll not sway him from his path. D'you hear me skull?
Morte: All right, all right, calm down. Sheesh.
Morte: If things get any worse I might as well go dip my pen in the Lady of Pain.
Annah: Watch yer bone box, skull, don't be takin' her name in vain like that!
Morte: What, you mean the Lady of Pain? Is talking about the Lady of Pain a bad thing? Why would the Lady of Pain mind us talking about her, Annah?
Annah: Are you tryin' to get us all carved to pieces? Don't you be temptin' fate with that, skull!
Morte: Fate shouldn't tempt me.
Morte: Uff, Powers Above, I've got this stupid itch on the back of my head again, it's killing me.
Annah: Ah, serves ya right, skull, ya sure irritate the rest of us enough.
Morte: You know, one day you'll have an itch you can't scratch, and I won't help you. And then, my revenge will be complete.
Morte: Annah, if you don't like me staring, why do you wear that, um, you know, that... that vest?
Annah: It lets my skin breathe, ya eejit.
Morte: Well, sure takes my breath away.
Morte: Fiendling, I have to ask, where did you get that accent?
Annah: Accent? What are ye on about?
Morte: Never mind.
Annah: Donnae be fooled by that Succubus. She's interested in you, cause of the shape of yer neck. It's just right for her to sink her teeth into.
Morte: I can think of worse ways to go.
Annah: If ye need to go somewhere, skull, don't let us keep ye.
Morte: I have a name, you know.
Annah: I've several names for you. None of them fit for polite company.
Morte: You know, fiendling, you'd look a lot better if you dressed up some more. You know, a pair of lace boots with lengthy heels on them to go with those emerald eyes.
Annah: Oh, if I were you, I'd learn to latch yer bone box.
Morte: Well, if I were you, I'd rent a suite and not come out for a month.

Annah and Fall-from-Grace[]

Grace: Annah, were you raised in The Hive?
Annah: Mind yer own business, Succubus, I've nothin' to say to ya.
Grace: Very well, then.
Annah: So... how long will you be travelling with us, Succubus?
Grace: As long as I am permitted, I suppose.
Annah: Well, yer not permitted. I don't trust ye.
Annah: So, uh, when are ya headin' back to yer knockin' shop, Succubus?
Grace: I don't know if I will be going back.
Annah: Well...? It's where ye belong, so maybe ye should!
Annah: Yeh better watch yerself Succubus. You step outta line, start huntin' for souls, yeh'll catch me blades.
Grace: I'll be careful. I assure you I have no such hungers.
Annah: Well, I would take yeh at your word, but since ye succubi are all perfumed, lying harlots, I won't.
Grace: Very well, then.
Annah: I donnae trust that succubus. She's a fiend, so she is! They're all a-like, waiting for yeh tae to drop yer guard before sinking her teeth into yer neck. Don't ye be takin' yer eye off that fat slat, or she'll turn on ya faster than yeh can blink. All fiends are like that, so they are.
Grace: Not all of us, Annah. I would encourage you to be more open minded. You have fiend blood as well and you have many good qualities.
Annah: You just keep away from me. Fact, maybe you should keep away from all of us.
Annah: I've had enough o' you and her. Go on, travel with her then, if ye like her company, I'll have nothin' more to do with ye.
Grace: Annah, jealousy is a two-edged blade. If you kee-
Annah: Jealous? I'm not jealous! I don't even know how to spell jealous. I just don't trust ye... and none of us do!
Annah: How much longer are ye gonna be draggin' yerself with us, Succubus?
Grace: Annah, look, we should-
Annah: Oh don't you, 'Annah look' me, ya black hearted harlot, I'll carve yeh, so I will! Always puttin' on yer airs with yer fine clothes and yer nose up in the air -- I've had enough of yeh! Yeh can burn for all I care!
Grace: Annah, perhaps we should talk.
Annah: I've got nothin' to say to ye, succubus.
Grace: Very well, then.

Annah and Nordom[]

Nordom: Annah, does your tail assist you in maintaining your balance?
Annah: No, it's for scratchin' my back, ye soddin' box!
Nordom: Yes, that is quite logical.
Annah: *Sigh*
Nordom: Annah, is your tail's purpose to indicate your current level of hostility?
Annah: What kinda stupid question's that, ya pikin' sod box?
Nordom: My analysis appears correct: Danger! Danger!

If Morte is also in the party:

Nordom: Annah, is it true that you "dig" Morte?
Annah: *WHAT*?!
Morte: *Whistles innocently*

Unused files[]

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.[1]

Notable unused voice files for Annah are:[1]

  • ANA107A: "Oh, adventure... glory... aye, this is the life."
  • ANA179A: "We shouldn't be here... the Lady'll put us in the dead book for sure!"
  • ANA206I: "Oh... see... I ... love you."
  • ANA207F: "...hafta stay, ya see ... I love ya."
  • ANA208E: "I don't care what ya say to this, I don't, I don't want ye to say anythin'... but I can't let ya die here."
  • ANA333B: "Try it and ye'll be spittin' teeth for a week."
  • ANA334A: "Try it, and I'll grind ye to powder, ye floating bone box."


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