Antimagic Shell is a 6th Level Mage Spell that negates all magic spells within its area of effect.

"In an ironic twist, all magic in its area of effect shall be undone, with this spell."

Effects Edit

This spell surrounds the caster with a 'shell of magic' that effectively negates all magic and magical spell effects (including magic items) within its area of effect. Thus, it blocks out magic, yet it also stops all usage within the shell as well! This also includes various special attacks such as breath, gaze or voice attacks. The spell lasts for 5 minutes, and its area of effect is 1 foot per level of the caster.

Acquisition Edit

Scroll of Antimagic Shell was supposed to teach characters this spell. However it was removed from the game prior to release, probably because it would have been overpowered during Boss fights, since they primarily use spells.

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