Aola is a priest of Aoskar in the burnt cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. He actively tries to recruit new initiates to worship the god of portals, but they all seem to disappear, never to be seen again...

Quest Edit

Morridor's Box Edit

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When the Nameless One accepted Mar's quest to deliver Moridor's Box, he didn't expect it to be refused by a long string of characters. From Shilandra, he learns that the box contains a powerful fiend, and cannot be destroyed without the fiend trying to kill its owner. She sends TNO to Aola, who might know how to get rid of it.

Instead of dispelling the box, Aola takes ownership of it and simply opens multiple portals and opens the box, scattering the fiend to the edges of the multiverse. Seemingly not preoccupied with the idea that the fiend might find a way to come after him, he keeps the box's gem as payment for his service. This rewards 1000 XP.

The Nameless One can then return to find Mar.

Aola will part with Moridor's Ruby for 300 copper, but can be haggled down to 200 copper with high enough Charisma.

Becoming a disciple Edit

By speaking with Aola, the Nameless One can become a disciple of Aoskar. This greatly displeases the Lady of Pain, and will result in the Nameless One getting mazed. If the player escapes the maze and asks Aola what happened, he will comment that TNO was portaled by the Lady, which would explain the disappearances of his other disciples, then asks TNO to leave so he can contemplate on this information.

Bug Edit

Sometimes, Aola refuses to talk to the Nameless One. This can be remedied by exiting the cathedral and re-entering.

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