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Ashen Imitation is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera involving several women that are slowly turning into copies of another woman.

Acquisition Edit

The quest starts in the Fifth Eye, a bar in Cliff's Edge. A ghostly woman can be found in the east corner of the bar. She pays no mind to what is happening around her, and multitudes of whispers surround her. When spoken to, she attacks, this can be avoided with a might task, but in order to get the quest, the Last Castoff must let her tear their throat out (3 XP), which leads both of them into a new fathom in the Castoff's Labyrinth. Here, it is possible to speak to her, and learn that she has forgotten herself, and there are many women like her in Sagus Cliffs, that are slowly losing themselves in the same way, ultimately becoming copies of the same woman. She wishes for it to stop, and asks that the Last Castoff find the others.

Walkthrough Edit

The women that must be found are:

  • Loss-of-Self in Cliff's Edge, just north of the bar, who is suffering tremendously fighting off the woman's voice she hears in her head.
  • Sygin, the Captain of the Levies in Government Square, who has found a way to stop the 'transformation' process.
  • Avina is a young flute player in Cliff's Edge who looks a lot like the ghost woman. Telling her she looks like someone in the Fifth eye yields 2 XP, and she says she gets that a lot, and that she fought off the other woman in her head.
  • Seria, a dead girl found in a collapsed house in Cliff's Edge, the reflection of whom can be pulled into the Labyrinth. She can be found as part of another quest: The Sorrow's Prey.

After finding the women, the Last Castoff can return to the Labyrinth and access the Daughter's Fathom via a portal in the north of the Calm.

Attempting to interact with the figment of Loss-of-Self reveals a piece of the past of the Ghostly Woman. She was there when the Tabhat invaded Sagus Cliffs. Sigyn's figment further reveals that the woman was sickened by a Tabaht weapon and her father tried his best to find a cure for her, ultimately putting her in stasis until a cure would be found. Avina's silhouette reveals the ghost of a man, who the woman recognized as her father. He is working on a machine she calls the 'probability engine' which she believes is responsible for recreating her in these other women.

The Ghostly Man can be spoken to. Although he doesn't seem to hear the Last Castoff initially, he reacts when told he needs to turn the machine off, and the Tabaht from the nearby memory are summoned. There are two options: Attacking him, and trying to explain that the machine is hurting countless other people.

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