Ax of Torment is a 3rd Level Mage Spell that summons an axe whose damage increases with the caster's level, to deal damage to the enemy.

"As if from the depths of Baator, Torment shall be brought upon your enemies, and with time, its strength will only grow."

Effects Edit

This spell summons a mystical giant Battle Ax. The Ax strikes a specified individual target for 1-8 pts. of damage. In addition, as a final blow, the Ax will cause a magical effect to occur (at random):

  • Suffer an additional 1-8 pts. of damage
  • 2-16 pts. of damage
  • Paralyzed for 5–15 seconds

At Level 9+, the following new effects can occur:

  • 5-40 pts. of Fire damage
  • 6-48 pts. of Ice damage
  • Randomly teleported 1-100 yds. away
  • Turned to stone
  • 8-64 pts. of pure damage

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from a Scroll of Ax of Torment, which can be found:

Or bought from:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Keldor Great Foundry Unlimited 100%
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