"The person who created this axe must have been mad or a genius. Only the most skilled of smiths could have forged a weapon using Chaos Matter, the most unstable and unpredictable element in all the planes."

Stats Edit

  • Damage: 1-2 Slashing
  • Enchanted: ???
  • Special: ???
  • THAC0: ???
  • Speed 3, Weight 2
  • Axes Proficiency, equippable by Fighters only
  • Special: Random bonus or penalty of 1 or 2 to Int and/or Wis

Crafted from Chaos Matter. Every time it is equipped, it adds to or subtracts from Int and/or Wis, 1 or 2. +2 to both is pretty rare, and +1/+2 or even +1 to both might take a while, but a +2 to one of the two is only a few clicks away.

Because it is Fighter class only, it cannot be used where it would be very useful, in the conversations with Dak'kon to unlock the latter Circles of the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. But there are some other times that 18 Int is needed, like the Riddling Skeleton in the Dead Nations, and a bonus to Wisdom is even more useful, as there is no equivalent usable item to the Cranium Rat Charm with its stacking +1 Intelligence bonus.

Acquisition Edit

The Axe of the Jester can be found in a trapped, locked container in the Outer Curst Blacksmith's Shop. Crumplepunch the blacksmith will go hostile if both trap and lock are not dealt with.

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