The baatezu are fiends - devils from the plane of Baator. Since they are lawful evil by nature, they fight on the side of law in the Blood War.

Nature Edit

The baatezu are a highly regimented group of fiends, caring more than anything about rank and power. They actually change physical shape as they rise in ranks. As lawful creatures, they are extremely bad at improvisation, but make up for that by planning.

Ranks Edit

The ranks encountered or heard of in Planescape: Torment are:

Lemure Edit

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Lemures are barely sentient spirits of pure evil, the lowest form of baatezu. They are used as ballista-fodder in the Blood War and cannot be harmed except with magical or holy weapons because of their gelatinous flesh.

Nupperibo Edit

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Nupperibos are some of the lowest ranking baatezu, barely a step above the lemure. Practically mindless, they are blubbery lumps of flesh containing the essence of law and evil. They are made to form battle waves that wash over opponents at the crack of a whip from their superiors. They can only be harmed by magical or holy weapons.

Abishai Edit

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Abishai are lesser forms of baatezu and serve as infantrymen and skirmishers in the Blood War. They are malicious but not very clever. Red Abishai are on the verge of promotion to higher form of baatezu, and rank higher than the green abishai, who rank higher than the black abishai.

Notable abishai include:

Cornugon Edit

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The cornugons are some of the highest ranking baatezu. They look stupid, a fact they use to their advantage since they are actually deeply intelligent creatures who have schemed their way up the echelons. In the Blood War, they usually lead lesser forces like the abishai or mortal mercenaries into battle, though they can also be seen in bands of elite military troops.

Notable cornugons include:

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