Dressed in bright purple, it's hard to miss Baen the Sender, a messenger working in the Hive.

Quest Edit

Baen has been having a hard time finding his query, Craddock, for whom he has an urgent message. Craddock can be found in the Marketplace Area of the Hive.

Rewards Edit

Returning to Baen after delivering the message yields:

  • 500 XP

and, depending on The Nameless One's charisma value:

  • 15 coppers (10 charisma or less)
  • 30 coppers (11-13 charisma)
  • 45 coppers (14+ charisma)

Note: Charisma can be temporarily increased with the Level 1 Mage spell: Friends.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Demanding payment for delivering the message.
  • Good: Not asking for money.

The rewards are the same regardless if TNO asked for money or not.

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