Barkis is the owner and bartender of the Smoldering Corpse Bar.

Quests Edit

The Nameless One's eye Edit

Fifteen years ago, The Nameless One apparently got drunk, busted up the Smoldering Corpse Bar, and left Barkis a pile of coins that wasn't enough to pay for the damages. So he plucked out his own eyeball and gave it to Barkis as collateral, saying he'd return to trade his eye back for the remaining 200 copper he owed him once he'd gotten the money. Barkis has kept it in a bottle of preservative, and is more than willing to trade it back, with interest. He will part with it for 500 copper, but he can be talked down to 300 if the Nameless One has at least 13 Charisma.

The Nameless One can either let the old eye dry up or let Barkis help him sever his current optic nerve so he can swap his current eye out for it. If the Nameless One has less than 16 HP when attempting to rip out his eye to replace it with the new one, he will die, and find himself back at the Mortuary. If he survives the excruciating pain of ripping his own eye out, The Nameless One will experience memories from three different past battles: one of fighting vrocks (vulture tanar'ri) in The Abyss, one of fighting three toughs with daggers, and the last of fighting a slaad in Limbo.

Inserting the new eye rewards:

The barfly Edit

Asking Barkis about the patrons prompts him to ask if the Nameless One would like free 'bub' (alcohol). If he says yes, Barkis will ask for help with Mochai, who is attempting to leave without paying her tab. Solving the issue will reward 1000 XP and all the liquor the Nameless One could ever want.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil: Demanding money back after buying back the eye, and threatening him.

Bug Edit

  • The Nameless One is able to lower Barkis' price for the eye all he wants, regardless of Charisma. This bug is fixed in Qwinn's Fixpack.
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