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Beleazar and the Beast is a side quest involving helping a member of the Order of Truth to free and kill a nychthemeron, for research.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is initiated by speaking to Beleazar in Circus Minor, and convincing him to explain what he is up to. This requires an intellect check, aided by the Persuasion skill.

He reveals that he is hoping to teleport the nychthemeron captured by El-Jinto and Canadu to the Reef of Fallen Worlds, effectively freeing it, so that it may be killed and its brain studied.

Walkthrough Edit

There are several ways to approach this quest. First, there is the option of turning Baleazar in to El-Jinto. Or the nychthemeron can be freed and fought.

Turning Baleazar in Edit

El-Jinto can be told of Baleazar's plan, and advised whether to be lenient on the acolyte or report him to the Order.

  • 25 XP for telling El-Jinto that the priest has to learn the hard way
  • 25 XP for advising El-Jinto to be lenient but then tearing up the papers in Baleazar's face, which upsets both men.
  • 25 XP, Whispers and 20 shins for giving Baleazar El-Jinto's notes.

Freeing the nychthemeron Edit

In order to teleport the nychthemeron, a Teleport Nodule, provided by Baleazar must be placed on its cage, which, of course, requires getting close to it, which isn't easy since Canadu is guarding it closely. El-Jinto charges 100 shins for a close look at the creature. This fee can be circumvented by asking Canadu where they are from, and then asking El-Jinto more about their history. Listening to the whole story grants 3 XP and free access to the cage.

Affixing the device to the cage requires a speed check aided by the Quick Fingers and Lore: Machinery skills. Incomplete, more to come.

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