"The engravings on this bracelet are nothing short of beautiful. The craftsmanship reflects the skilled work of the Meh 'gahmi Sah 'ma nomadic tribes. This bracelet was carved for their greatest warrior-priestess, Bell, who sought to bring peace to the greater southern plains region. The enthralling purple stones inset along the bracelet give off a soft, warm, royal purple glow."

Effects Edit

Usable only by priests and therefore Fall-from-Grace, this ring grants:

  • +3 to Wisdom
  • +25% Magic Resistance
  • Memorize 1 Additional 1st Level Priest Spell
  • Memorize 1 Additional 2nd Level Priest Spell
  • Memorize 1 Additional 3rd Level Priest Spell
  • Memorize 1 Additional 4th Level Priest Spell
  • Memorize 1 Additional 5th Level Priest Spell
  • Memorize 1 Additional 6th Level Priest Spell

Note: since Fall-from-Grace is a Priest, the +3 bonus to Wisdom gives her additional bonus spells[1]:

  • One additional 1st Level Priest Spell (total: +2)
  • One additional 3rd Level Priest Spell (total: +2)
  • Two additional 4th Level Priest Spells (total: +3)

Acquisition Edit

Along with the much coveted Ring Zero, Bell's Shield can be found as a rare random drop in Undersigil.


The Bell's Shield appears to be based on the manga series Oh My Goddess!. The nomadic tribes mentioned in the shield's description, "Meh 'gahmi Sah 'ma", refers to the pronunciation of the manga's title in Japanese: Aa Megami-sama. The "greatest warrior-priestess, Bell" refers to Belldandy, the titular goddess in the series.

References Edit

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