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Beloved Slave is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera. It involves finding a slave girl named Rhin for Tol Maguur.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be acquired from Tol Maguur, a slaver in the southeast of Circus Minor. Tol immediately recognizes the Last Castoff as a castoff, and says she's met and dealt with many of them. She also offers to reveal some information about them in exchange for a favor: finding her 'ward', a babbling girl with a head wound named Rhin.

Walkthrough Edit

As Tol said, Rhin is hiding in Cliff's Edge, among the rubble of a collapsed house in the north below the steps leading to ----.

Interacting with the rubble shows Rhin hiding in it, attempting to shush the Last Castoff. Before she can be coaxed out, three hooded thugs who were evidently looking for the girl appear.

There are several ways of dealing with the thugs (These are Intellect tasks, aided by the corresponding skill):

  • Intimidating them
  • Persuading them that slavery is evil, no matter what the law says
  • Deceiving them into thinking the Last Castoff was sent in their stead because they were taking too long.

Or, it is always possible to defeat them in combat.

After a short conversation, Rhin can be recruited to the party. This involves asking her about her head wound, and asking how the Last Castoff can help. Then she can be offered to join.

Note: If the party is full she will initially agree, but then shrink back at the sight of the companions. She can be asked again once one of the party members is let go and a slot opened for her.

Then Rhin must be brought back to Tol Maguur, where several resolutions to the quest await:

  • 25 XP for handing Rhin over to Tol. This angers the party, but Tol can later be persuaded to give her back to the Last Castoff.
  • 25 XP for persuading her to release her claim on the girl.

Rewards: Both paths reward 25 XP and Tol teaches how to shape the Tides into a surge.

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