"This twisted branch is actually composed of three black branches that have grown tightly around each other. The branches look much like the ones in Ravel's maze, but the branches have none of the black barbs that covered the trees in her maze.
This black-barbed branch is a wand forged from the trees in Ravel's maze and endowed with a fraction of her magical power. By calling on the power within the wand, the wielder may summon forth a shield of black brambles to protect the caster from harm or cause a series of black brambles to rip from the earth around a target and enfold them in their constricting embrace. The wand itself only holds a certain amount of Ravel inside it, and once expended, it becomes useless."

Uses Edit

Usable only by Mages, this wand:

Only one of the two spells can be cast at a time, but the spell cast can be changed by right clicking on the wand to bring up its description, then clicking the abilities button and selecting the desired spell.

The number of charged the wand has depends on The Nameless One's Intelligence and Ravel's magic teachings:

  • 15 or less - 9 charges
  • 16 or more - 33 charges
  • 15 or less & Ravel Taught - 66 charges
  • 16 or more & Ravel Taught - 99 charges

Acquisition Edit

Black-Barbed Branch Wands can be created by teleporting to Ravel's Maze's secret garden with Ravel's Gray Hair and sowing several Black-Barbed Seeds.

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