"These malevolent seeds contain a portion of the black-barbed maze within themselves. Their power is activated when the seed is hurled at the ground in front of an opponent – when the seed strikes the ground, it sprouts into black-barbed black branches that tear hungrily into the victim's body. Each seed contains only one such curse."

Uses Edit

When used, this item:

The seed can be used once before it disappears.

Additionally, Black-Barbed Seeds can be used to create Black-Barbed Branch Wands in Ravel's Maze's secret garden (accessible through a portal opened by Ravel's Gray Hair).

Finally, a Black-Barbed Seed can also be given to Mebbeth in Ragpicker's Square to grant her a peaceful death.

Acquisition Edit

Black-Barbed Seeds can be acquired from Ravel by asking her to teach The Nameless One some of the Art. The number of seeds received depends on TNO's Intelligence:

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