Black-Barbed Shield is a 2nd level Mage Spell that increases the caster's armor class and makes enemies take damage whenever they hit the caster.

"Those who have walked the forest paths of Ravel's maze can summon its branches to help shield them from damage."

Effects Edit

This spell (which affects only the caster) calls forth a series of black barbs that protect and shield the caster from harm for 10–30 seconds. The player gains +2 to AC for the duration of the spell, and any creature that attacks the player with a melee attack should suffer 1-6 hit points of damage every time they successfully hit the character.

Acquisition Edit

This spell cannot be learnt or copied to any character's spell book. It can only be cast with items.

Items that cast Black-Barbed ShieldEdit

Some items can be used to cast Black-Barbed Shield without the character knowing the spell or even being a mage:

Trivia Edit

There is an unused scroll for this spell that has been removed from the game before release: Scroll of Black Barbed Shield. It allowed characters to learn the spell instead of having to rely on items to cast it.

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