Blood Bridge is a 2nd Level Mage Spell that drains life from the caster to give it to the target.

"A bizarre compact of the healer's heart and the merchant's mind, this necromantic spell transforms your very body into a marketplace that barters life and death. Your life essence can be given to others... at a cost to yourself."

Effects Edit

When cast, the mage can select any living (non-undead) target within touch range and drain life from himself (2 hit points + 1 hit point per level of the caster) and give it to the target.

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from a Scroll or Recipe of Blood Bridge, which can be found:

Or bought from:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Garien's Booty Dead Nations 1 120%
Keldor Great Foundry 1 100%
Kester the Distiller Inner Curst 1 125%
Lady Thorncombe Civic Festhall Unlimited 140%
Old Mebbeth Ragpicker's Square 1 120%

Notes Edit

Bestow life effects are rarely close to as powerful as pure healing, especially in games where healing itself is rivaled by instant in-combat healing item use, but it helps that The Nameless One and Ignus regenerate HP.

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