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Sojourner of Worlds - Concept art for the Bloom by Chang Yuan.

The Bloom is a city like none other in Torment: Tides of Numenera. Located in the Beyond, it is a living, sentient predator that feeds off intelligence or intelligent beings.

Structure and size Edit

The Bloom is organic and ever-changing, constantly creating or destroying pathways with its tendrils. The creature-city slowly moves across the surface of the earth, anchoring itself with webs. No one knows exactly how big the Bloom is, since parts of it reside in entirely different dimensions. Anyone who has tried to quantify it has been consumed by the city.[1]

Inhabitants Edit

Some may think it insane to live on or near such a creature, but despite the ever-present danger, people do live there because the Bloom has an irresistible asset: tendrils that extend into many different dimensions, forming a bridge of sorts. This makes it an attractive place to be for people hoping to build a fortune, or scrape a living, by finding numenera in these dimensions and bringing them back to fix and sell or use.[2] Most have no idea how dangerous their environment really is.[1]

The predatory nature of their environment isn't without its effects. Living in the Bloom takes its toll, and causes inhabitants to become extraordinarily paranoid and extremely superstitious.[2]

Areas Edit

The Gullet will be an area in the depths of the Bloom, where all things devoured by the creature come to be slowly digested.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While creating the various areas of the Bloom, environment artist Jon Gwyn researched images of "cancer, disease, scars, scabs, cysts, gory accidents, and surgery". He drew inspiration in particular from high resolution pictures of a dissected heart, and a collection of tongue cancer images.[3]

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