Brasken is a tiefling man with a kip in the Marketplace Area of the Hive.

Quest Edit

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Brasken is involved in Mar's Ornate Box quest. Ku'atraa, out of his wits with fear about the box, sends the Nameless One with it to Brasken.

Brasken looks at it with amusement, rather than fear, and reveals that the box has circulated the Hive as long as anyone can remember. Each owner has sought to get rid of it in turn, tricking the next to take it off their hands. It is called "Moridor's Box" and is a thing of evil. He suggests bringing it to Shilandra, the woman who gave it to him, because he thinks she might have more knowledge about it.

This rewards 250 XP as part of the quest.

If the Nameless One successfully breaks the curse or kills Moridor's fiend and returns to Brasken's kip, he will ask TNO to share a tankard with him and tell him how TNO did the deed. Agreeing will result in the party resting for 8 hours, after which Brasken will end up laying on the floor with a bad hangover.

Brasken's kip

Brasken's kip

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