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The Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts is a location in Planescape: Torment. It is in the Clerk's Ward, in Sigil.

The name of the brothel is a typo: it should probably be sating or slaking.

The circular building has a central garden area surrounded by a main hallway, with many rooms lining the edges. A hidden passageway in the back (X=1350, Y=160) leads to an area with ten sensory stones – one for each of the brothel's students aside from one, which has the name scratched off.

Even though the building is a brothel, the "prostitutes" within it are actually aspiring sensates. They do not serve their patrons physically. Instead, they learn to identify with others so that they can better understand themselves and the Planes.

Fall-from-Grace, the brothel's proprietor.


  • Fall-from-Grace, the brothel's sole founder and proprietor; can be found near the entrance (X=1300, Y=1600).
  • Dolora, the construct; can be found wandering the innermost circle. (X=1800 Y=970)
  • Ecco; can often be found near the innermost circle, or wandering the hall. (X=580 Y=480)
  • Juliette; is generally found in or near her room. (X=380 Y=1210)
  • Kesai-Serris; can be found wandering the main hall.
  • Kimasxi Adder-Tongue; can be found in her room (X=3295, Y=1310).
  • Marissa; can be found in her room (X=1970, Y=340).
  • Nenny Nine-Eyes; can usually be found pacing the hall near her room.
  • Vivian; usually found wandering the main hall. (X=2250 Y=540)
  • Yves the Tale-Chaser; can be found in her room (X=2030 Y=1590).
  • Three modrons (X=1040 Y=1020).
  • Luis the Armoire, a strange mage pretending to be a dresser (X=800 Y=1530).
  • Multiple brothel patrons who wander around.


To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

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Brothel main floor

Brothel map.jpg

Brothel cellar

Brothel cellar map.jpg

Quest involvement[]

For information on the quest involvement of the students in the brothel, see Nine students and/or individual character pages.

  • Finam's book can be found in the first room on the left after entering.


There are a little over 1000 copper commons' worth of small treasures among all of the rooms' containers, and none of the students mind if you take them. Note: There are several handkerchiefs in the brothel. Regardless of anything else, be sure to keep one for later use as a key to the Unfolding Portal.

Chest in Yves' room (X=1990 Y=1500)

Chest in Kimaxi's room (X=2240 Y=1250)

Chest in Kimaxi's room (X=2310 Y=1180)

Chest in Kimaxi's room (X=2500 Y=1180)

Chest in Dolora's room (X=2710 Y=980)

  • 46 Copper Commons

Chest in Dolora's room (X=2670 Y=850)

Chest in Kessai-Serris' room (X=2230 Y=400)

  • 27 Copper Commons

Chest in Marissa's room (X=1880 Y=220)

Wardrobe in Marissa's room (X=1730 Y=200)

  • 12 Copper Commons

Chest in Vivian's room (X=800 Y=300)

Chest in Vivian's room (X=780 Y=340)

Vanity in Ecco's room (X=580 Y=410)

  • 102 Copper Commons

Chest in Nenny's room (X=440 Y=880)

Chest in Nenny's room (X=250 Y=770)

Chest in Nenny's room (X=160 Y=830)

  • 233 Copper Commons

Chest in Juliette's room (X=450 Y=1200)

Chest in Fall-from-Grace's room (X=720 Y=1530)

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