Candrian Illborne is a planewalker resting in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. He has traveled widely throughout the planes, and is thus a great source of information on many things. He knows much about the portals around Sigil, since they are his primary means of transportation. An ill-fated trip to the Negative Material Plane ruined his travel journals and left his essence half-gone.

Quests Edit

Negative Token Edit

Asking Candrian about the planes – the Negative Material plane in particular – rewards the Negative Token, which acts as a ring and can be helpful in fights against shadows. Candrian explains it allowed him to survive, or at least half-survive, the Negative Material Plane. Since he has no intention of returning, he gives it to The Nameless One, because he senses he may try to go there in the future.

Ingress Edit

Candrian can help Ingress find the portal leading back to her home world (750 XP upon returning to him).

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