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The Changing God is a powerful being in Torment: Tides of Numenera. He was once a man who, through sheer genius and a touch of madness, managed to use numenera to transfer his consciousness from body to body, effectively cheating death.

Background Edit

In a world where very little lasts forever, where many unimaginably powerful and technologically advanced civilizations have crumbled to dust one after the other, this man became obsessed with finding a way to leave an unforgettable mark on the world. He spent his days trying to understand what a single life mattered. Using numenera, he managed to figure out how to cheat death, gaining all the time he could possibly need for his research, by transferring his mind into a different living vessel.[1]

Over hundreds of centuries, he has taken many different forms, both male and female, aligned with different Tides, effectively leading many different lives, earning him the appellation "the Changing God". But living forever has its drawbacks. He has watched all he loved, his friends and family wither and die, and the world around him change, which made him distance himself from the rest of humanity.[1]

According to the description of one of the Numenera, Star's Kiss, he once had a daughter.

References Edit

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