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Character Class represents a character's skill set. Planescape: Torment handles classes differently than most RPGs in that the main character, The Nameless One, is allowed to switch classes at will with the help of trainers and practitioners.


Fighters are weapons focused warriors, trained to fight with skill and strategy. They are more durable and tough than other classes, able to take more hits and help prevent enemies from attacking weaker characters like Mages, Thieves and Priests.

The Nameless One starts off as a Level 3 fighter when he wakes up for the first time in the Mortuary. He may switch classes later on in the game.


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What mages lack in constitution and hardiness, they make up for in sheer power. Mages keep their distance in battle, relying on their spells to disable, confuse and deal great amounts of damage to enemies.


Thieves favor speed and dexterity over brute force in combat. They are more fragile than fighters, but also more deadly. Outside of combat, they have some very useful abilities, such as opening locked doors and containers, detecting and disarming traps, etc.


Priests focus on the protection and healing of allies in combat through their spells, but they are equally equipped to disable enemies coming their way. Priests cannot use edged weapons.

The Nameless One cannot become a priest himself, but he can recruit a companion that is: Fall-from-Grace.

Class Mechanics[]

Switching Classes[]

The Nameless One can switch classes at will with the help of trainers and practitioners. When he switches, he retains his level and abilities from the previous class, but will be unable to use them. This means he can be a Level 5 Fighter / Level 8 Mage, but if he just switched back to being a fighter, he will not be able to cast any mage spells he might have learned until he becomes a mage again.

However, TNO always keep the best out of all his base THAC0 and Saves, as well as his weapon proficiencies and Hit Points (for example, a Level 5 Fighter / Level 8 Mage TNO will have a THAC0 of 16, since a Fighter 5 has a THAC0 of 16 and a Mage 8 has a THAC0 of 18).

Also, Hit Points are only gained in full the first time a particular level is reached, with the Hit Die of the class that reaches that level. Afterwards, reaching that same level with other classes will only increase TNO's Hit Points by 1.

For example, if TNO reaches level 7 with Fighter first, he will gain (1d10+Con Bonus) Hit Points. If he then reaches level 7 with Thief or Mage, he will only gain 1 HP.

Thus, if TNO levels up as Fighter first, he will gain more HP than if he levels up as Thief first, and if he levels up as Thief first he will gain more HP than if he levels up as Mage first. That is, if TNO has reached level 10 in all 3 classes, he will have more HP if he went to level 10 as a Fighter first, followed by Thief, then by Mage.


The Nameless One's class switching is similar to Dungeons & Dragons dual-classing. He completely switches over to a different class, and only has one class's abilities at a time.

However, there are two companions that actually have two classes permanently: Dak'kon and Annah. Dak'kon is both a mage and a fighter, and levels both at the same time. He can make use of both the mage spells and fighter skills simultaneously. Annah is both a fighter and a thief.

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