There are three available character classes or types in Torment: Tides of Numenera -- glaive, nano or jack. Each of these have different strengths and weaknesses, and their own sets of abilities.

Glaive Edit

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Glaives are an offensive class of elite warriors in the Ninth World who primarily use Might or Speed to defeat their enemies. Fighting styles are varied. This is the only class that allows the use of heavy weapons and armor. Glaives can withstand the greatest damage and deal out the strongest attacks. They are also the only class that can attack twice in one turn.

Nano Edit

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Nanos are a ranged class, the closest to sorcerers or mages available in the Ninth World, with their mastery of ancient technology. This class focuses on Intellect as their primary stat. They are the only class that grants access to the Scan Thoughts ability.

Jack Edit

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Jacks are so named because of their jack-of-all-trades style. They focus primarily on Speed and Intellect.