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Charisma, abbreviated as Chr, is a character attribute in Planescape: Torment.

Effects Edit

Charisma gives The Nameless One more dialogue options, and can help him earn better monetary rewards. Charisma is useful to chaotic characters.

Charisma also allows for better prices at merchants, depending on TNO's score[1]:

Charisma Buying prices' adjustment
15 and below N/A
16 -5%
17 -10%
18 -15%
19 -20%
20 and above -25%

Permanent Gains Edit

Aside from increasing Charisma with character points acquired at level up, The Nameless One has some opportunities throughout the game to increase his charisma permanently:

That makes the maximum permanent gain to charisma possible +7, +5 without the Ancient Scroll.

Equipment Bonuses Edit

Some tattoos grant a bonus to charisma while equipped:

Some accessories also grant a bonus to charisma:

And some weapons:

Equipment Penalties Edit

Temporary Buffs Edit

Only Strength and Charisma can be gained through the use of spells.

  • Level 1 Mage spell: Friends can raise Chr to 18. Multiple castings can easily boost charisma to 25.

References Edit

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