"While practicing, some Mage students discovered a means to condense and store knowledge into a charm form. This particular charm contains the entire resource library of the famed Charon School of Mages. Unfortunately, the effects of this charm are fleeting and the user is rendered unintelligible for a short period of time."

Effects Edit

Usable by any party member, this charm:

  • Sets the user's Lore skill to 100

This is useful for boosting Lore in order to identify several other items in a row. It is cheaper than paying 100 copper at a store to identify only one item.

Acquisition Edit

Merchants Edit

Merchants that sell Charms of Infinite Recall are:

Shop Location Stock Markup Steal Failure
Aalek's Oddities Lower Ward Unlimited 120% 45%
Bones of the Night Lower Ward Unlimited 120% --
Brokah and Miccah's Pawnshop Lower Ward Unlimited 120% 45%
Dustmen Vault Gathering Dust Bar Unlimited 120% --
Gaerien's Dead Looter Booty Dead Nations 3 120% 35%
Kester Inner Curst Unlimited 125% --
Old Mebbeth Ragpicker's Square Unlimited 120% 30%
Pestle and Kilnn's Apothecary Clerk's Ward 1 120% 70%
Quint the Corpse-Peddler Buried Village 3 120% 25%
Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe Clerk's Ward Unlimited 120% 95%

Other Locations Edit

Charms of Infinite Recall can also be found in various locations, usually in containers.

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