Chromatic Orb is a 1st Level Mage Spell that hurls a magical orb of color at an enemy, with varying effects depending on the level of the caster.

"Long are the debates about the spectrum of color in the multiverse. "This Blue is better than Yellow!" "Pike it, berk! Of course White is the true color!" And while in the end, many generally agree that a color's greatness is in the eye of the beholder, this spell establishes the fact that some colors are deadlier than others."

Effects Edit

This summons a large, magical Orb of Color, which can then be hurled at a target using the caster's normal Attack roll +3. The color of the Orb changes depending on the caster's level.

Level Color Damage Effect on Target
1 White 1-4 10 sec: -4 Attack, -4 S.T., +4 AC
2 Red 1-6 10 sec: -1 Strength, -1 Dexterity
3 Orange 1-8 Additional 1-4 pts. of fire damage
4 Yellow 1-10 10 sec: -4 Attack, -4 S.T., +4 AC
5 Green 1-12 Stun for 10-25 sec.
6 Turquoise 2-8 Unconscious for 10-25 sec.
7 Blue 2-16 Paralyzed for 30-100 sec.
10 Violet Paralysis Petrification
12 Black 4-40 Paralysis for 10-40 sec.

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from Scrolls or Recipes of Chromatic Orb, which can be found:

It can also be bought at the following shops:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Cinder's Magic Shoppe Lower Ward 1 120%
Keldor Great Foundry 5 100%
Old Mebbeth Ragpicker's Square 1 120%

Items that cast Chromatic Orb Edit

Some items can be used to cast Chromatic Orb without the character knowing the spell or even being a mage. Those items are:

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