The Civic Festhall is the headquarters of the Sensates. A large building dedicated to hedonistic pleasures, the Festhall offers many activities, and ways to experience the multiverse through one's own senses, not least of which are the sensoriums, filled with many sensory stones, which record moments in people's lives and offer the experience to others. The entrance can be found in the Clerk's Ward at (X=3000 Y=800).

There are four sub-areas within the Civic Festhall, with many rooms in the main area. In addition to the entrance hall and main area, there is a dormitory and the Festhall living area. They can be reached through an exit in the southeast corner. The public and private sensoriums can only be reached with the aid of Splinter, who can be found in the entrance hall. The private sensoriums require Sensate membership. Alternatively, if Splinter is led to believe that The Nameless One is already a member of the Society of Sensation, access to the private sensoriums is granted freely.

Just outside stands Salabesh the Onyx, a mage involved in two quests.

Main hall Edit

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Civic festhall main hall map

Entrance hall Edit


  • Splinter (X=710 Y=950) - Gatekeeper for the Sensates: with sufficient Charisma can be convinced that The Nameless One is already a Sensate. (If need be, use Friends spell, then quickly ask Dak'kon or Annah to switch to another class to receive the XP, if desired.) Will sell items and can teleport the party to the public or private sensoriums.
  • Jolmi (X=870 Y=1070): one-stop quest; reward based on Chr.
  • Mertwyn the Headless roams north of entrance hall (X=800 Y=780). Involved in one quest.
  • Montague (X=1890 Y=600): see Nine students or Juliette in Brothel; goes between north entrance hall and north connecting chamber.


Connecting chambers Edit

Lecture halls Edit

Go through the exit to the southeast to enter the Festhall Living Area dormitory.

Festhall Living Area Edit

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Civic festhall living area map
  • The Festhall Clerk (X=1570 Y=900) offers to give the key and invites the party to rest; decline or the key is gone. The lock can still be bashed or picked open, however.
  • Unfulfilled-Desire (X=440 Y=1170): recommended save game before speaking to. See Nine students or Dolora in Brothel.

Western room, shelf (X=150 Y=1150)

  • 34 Copper Commons

Northwestern room, chest (X=850 Y=490)

Northwestern room, chest (X=960 Y=450)

Northwestern room, spot in the floorboards near a shelf (X=1130 Y=320)

Northeastern room, chest (X=2060 Y=400)

  • 187 Copper Commons

TNO's room to the east, shelf (X=2320 X=800)

TNO's room, self (X=2450 Y=720)

TNO's room, shelf (X=2600 Y=670)

TNO's room, closet (X=2780 Y=670)

TNO's room, spot behind the bed (X=3420 Y=860)

  • 333 Copper Commons

Public sensorium Edit

TNO can enter the public sensorium by speaking to Splinter in the Main Hall and ask to be taken there.

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Civic festhall public sensorium map
  • Lady Thorncombe (X=1500 Y=280). After TNO gets her back to her job teaching Mage students in the Main area, she will thenceforth sell spells to TNO, including Chain Lightning Storm.

Private sensorium Edit

The private sensorium is an exclusive place for members of the Sensate faction only. If TNO is a Sensate, he may ask Splinter in the Main hall to enter the room.

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Civic festhall private sensorium map
  • Quell (X=900 Y=300). Once TNO in mage class asks him about spells, he will thenceforth sell spells (at a noticeable markup) to TNO, including Bladestorm, no matter what class TNO is.

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