The Clerk's Ward is an affluent ward in Sigil, home to the better paid, better educated, and better-trained residents of the Wards. It is the center of bureaucracy and the Society of Sensation make their headquarters there.

Areas Edit

Clockwise from the zone exit to the Lower Ward in the northwest, the buildings and other exits on the edges of the Clerk's Ward are:

Denizens Edit

  • Thug Boss west of the Curiosity Shoppe

Quests Edit

The rest of the Clerk's Ward quests are mentioned above; there is only one quest initiated in the Clerk's Ward outdoors area itself. And arguably it is a subquest of the Ignus quest which is arguably a subquest of the Decanter of Endless Water quest which is...

Nemelle requests The Nameless One find her friend Aelwyn at 3615, 2450
See Nine students walkthrough for the majority of quests in this area

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

Click the map to enlarge it.

Clerks ward map

Leaving Sigil Edit

This is the last area in Sigil, although there are many areas to visit to complete the portal to Ravel's Maze. Once the portal is entered, there will not be an opportunity to return until after coming to Curst Prison, in which the potential Companion Vhailor can be found. If the party is full with six companions, then he can be recruited for the XP, but either he or another Companion will be lost forever in Curst Prison, as there is no coming back. Players should leave Sigil for Ravel's Maze with five or fewer companions.

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