Coaxmetal is an immense metal golem working a forge beneath the siege tower the Lower Ward, which it is built into. It can be accessed through a portal after the player learns the portal's key from Lazlo, a boy in the Lower Ward marketplace. Coaxmetal is willing to sell weapons to the Nameless One. See Siege Tower for more information.


As a gigantic metal golem, Coaxmetal has a loud, booming voice, causing all its responses to be displayed in capital letters. Coaxmetal believes in serving entropy; that is, the unmaking of the multiverse. It admires the Blood War and the Night-Hag Ravel for their great works of unmaking. Coaxmetal believes that neglected metal and weapons suffer by rusting and not drawing blood, and that it is the only one who can free them. Though it's not stated in-game, the purpose of Coaxmetal and the deceased legions of its Siege Tower is the same as the accelerationist sect of the Doomguard, the faction that believes entropy will inevitably cause the end of the multiverse. While not explicitly a Sinker itself, Coaxmetal's beliefs are Doomguard to the core.


If asked, Coaxmetal explains it was once just a collection of metal weaponry, "MINOR EXPRESSIONS OF PAIN". Only after "ENTROPY" melted them down and forged them into its body was Coaxmetal born, created for the sole purpose of coaxing the potential for causing pain from metal by forging it into weapons, hence the name. The tower it's built within is an extra-dimensional siege engine. It constantly anchors itself to a new plane and opens its bridge, tearing a hole in the plane allowing the invading legions within to travel from the bridge to the plane. The legions then lay siege to the plane, and the tower waits there until the plane "HAS SERVED ENTROPY'S PURPOSE", then anchors itself to another plane. Coaxmetal says of the legions of the tower and the planes they visited that "ENTROPY HAS UNMADE THEM". At some point, the Siege Tower was brought to and became trapped in the city of Sigil, often called the Cage, the only one the tower cannot breach. The "DREAMBUILDER" Nihil Xander once convinced it to build a heavy, decorated, iron-wrought birdcage, despite its disdain for such confines, promising its imprisonment would soon end once the cage left its possession. Coaxmetal knows of the existence of a "PLANAR CUBE" that can free it from its imprisonment, and longs to acquire the cube so that it may once again be free to fulfill its purpose.


Coaxmetal can provide the iron birdcage, which is one of the items required to create the Dreambuilder.

If asked, Coaxmetal will create the Blade of the Immortal for the Nameless One from a drop of his blood (10,000 XP). It will explain that the blade can truly kill the Nameless One, but for it to work it must be used in a place within a shell where he was cut off from the planes.

At some point, Coaxmetal will ask the Nameless One to help it escape the siege tower by giving it the planar cube. Giving it the cube nets 12,000 XP as well as the Entropic Blade, but you will never be able to enter the siege tower again. Refusing to give Coaxmetal the metallic cube still grants 12,000 XP, but not the Entropic Blade, and the golem will forever bar you from the siege tower.


  • Good, Lawful: refusing to give Coaxmetal the Modron Cube.
  • Good: telling Coaxmetal that its methods are never necessary.
  • Evil, Chaotic: giving Coaxmetal the Modron Cube.
  • Evil: refusing to give Coaxmetal the Modron Cube because it is "too precious" or because Coaxmetal's purpose is to serve you.
  • Lawful: choosing "Truth: 'Except the death you seem to offer is violent and senseless – without meaning.'"
  • Chaotic: choosing "Truth: 'True enough. So what made you take up entropy's cause?'"
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