From bottom left to right: Vhailor, Dak'kon, Fall-from-Grace, The Nameless One, Annah, Morte (above). Top most: Lady of Pain. Not shown: Ignus, Nordom.

Companions in Planescape: Torment are tormented souls attracted to the Nameless One like so many moths to a flame. They accompany him on his journey. There are seven potential companions in the game, although only five can be in the party at once.

List of companions[edit | edit source]

The Nameless One will collect companions along the way, other tormented souls attracted to him like so many moths to a flame.

Portrait annah.gif
A brash, young tiefling, Annah is a resourceful fighter and thief. She firmly believes in independence and freedom of thought. Having no patience and no tolerance for fools or the "clueless", Pharod's adopted daughter is quick to heap verbal abuse, heavily laden with Hive slang, on those who annoy her.
Portrait dakkon.gif
Both a fighter and a mage, Dak'kon is a powerful ally, even considering his old age. He is a Githzerai from the plane of Limbo, where matter itself can only be held together by concentration, thus placing a heavy emphasis on the inhabitants' *knowing* of themselves, others and things in general. But Dak'kon has lost his way, struggling to *know* the teachings of his people's prophet-leader Zerthimon, and isn't so sure he really *knows* himself anymore...
Portrait fall from grace.gif
Fall-from-Grace is a succubus, one of the tanar'ri, a creature literally formed of raw chaos and evil, her body and mind the perfect template to tempt a man of any species, any age. But she is far from a typical specimen of her kind. She runs the Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts, where patrons do not partake in the pleasures of the flesh but that of the mind. A priest who worships no god, she is lawful, tends towards good, and by all appearances chaste.
Portrait ignus.gif
The burning man that gave the Smoldering Corpse Bar its name is called Ignus. He is a pyromaniac mage who once attempted to burn down the Hive, the punishment for which was to be converted into a conduit to the Elemental Plane of Fire, a sentence he was not expected to survive. But by sheer force of will, and his deranged love of the flames, he survived, reveling in his fiery condition. Freeing the insane mage might be dangerous, but he would also make a very powerful companion.
Portrait morte.gif
Morte is a floating, talking skull. What he lacks in flesh, he certainly makes up for in personality. Always armed with a witty retort or a sarcastic comment, he takes enormous pleasure in taunting enemies with litanies of curses. He is the source of much of the game's humor, but is he as carefree as he seems?

Despite lacking a body, Morte makes a very competent fighter, his teeth rivaling any weapon.

Portrait nordom.gif
Nordom is a modron, mechanical creatures native to the outer plane of Mechanus who form a society of law and order taken to its logical extreme. But after being exposed to the raw elemental chaos of Limbo in the Rubicon, his functions were altered and he was separated from the modron hive-mind. His new-found independence and individuality causes him a lot of confusion, but being given a role in The Nameless One's party as a crossbow-wielding fighter gives him focus and purpose, which is comforting to him.
Portrait vhailor.gif
Vhailor is a restless spirit who is in death much as he was in life: a Mercykiller dedicated to bringing uncompromising Justice to all those who have done wrong. Justice, to him, is an entity of its own, an all powerful being that will grant him the power needed to right any injustice. His armor is an integral part of his being, and cannot be removed without destroying the fighter.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Companions in the party can be selected by clicking on their character portraits at the bottom of the screen, or by clicking and dragging a box over them on the ground. Once selected, they can perform actions individually. Right clicking on the ground with a character selected brings up their specific radial menu. Clicking the portrait at the center of the radial menu switches to the next companion in the lineup.

Conversations and banter[edit | edit source]

Companions will occasionally engage in banter with each other, which are fully voiced. Morte naturally has the most dialogue with other companions, while Dak'kon and Ignus remain mostly silent. In the original game, banter is rare and it is possible to miss the vast majority of it (only 12 out of 78 banters play).[1] Qwinn's Tweak Pack contains a banter accelerator that fixes this problem, allowing most of the conversations to appear in one playthrough.

The Nameless One can also speak to his companions after they are in the party. This can be done by opening the radial menu (right click), selecting the dialogue cursor and clicking on a companion. During these conversations, he can discover more of their pasts and personalities. Most of the companions can also be upgraded through dialogue, their stats permanently boosted as the Nameless One helps them through their issues.

See the conversation guides: Annah/Conversation, Dak'kon/Conversation, Fall-from-Grace/Conversation, Ignus/Conversation, Morte/Conversation, Nordom/Conversation and Vhailor/Conversation.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Each companion has their own separate inventory. Items can be transferred from one companion's inventory to the other by simply dragging it to their portrait.

Some companions also have specific equipment that they cannot part with (like Dak'kon's Zerth Blade or Vhailor's Mercykiller Armor), or that can be replaced (like Nordom's lenses).

All companions except for Morte and Nordom can wear tattoos and other accessories.

Desertion and death[edit | edit source]

The Nameless One's actions affect companions directly and can lead to them permanently leaving the party, or even dying. If a companion leaves or dies, their equipment and the contents of their inventory will be lost.

The Nameless One can revive his companions if they died during combat by using his Raise Dead ability. However, if dead companions are removed from the party, it becomes impossible to revive them.

Former companions[edit | edit source]

Past incarnations of the Nameless One also attracted tormented souls to them like a magnet. Four former companions are revealed over the course of the game:

References[edit | edit source]

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