Enemy NPC
Evil Wizard Construct
• Evil Wizard Construct •
XP 10,000
Hit Points 100
Items Mechanus' Cannon scroll
Class Mage, generalist
Level 16
Armor Class - 4
Proficiency zero points
THAC0 12
Attacks 3
Resistances Fire 50, Cold 50, Magic 50, Magical fire 50, Magical cold 50. Weak to Acid and Electricity
Saving Throws Death 10, Wands 5, Poly 7, Breath 9, Spells 4
Race Mechanoid Construct
Faction ex-Mechanus, Rubikon, rogue Modron
Strength 12
Constitution 16
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11
Luck 0
Lore 0
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Areas Evil Wizard Room, Modron Maze, Rubikon
Spells Mechanus' Cannon
Gameplay note Speech before hostile (still time to attack); ask about previous Director's fate to get Nordom upgrade
Content note

A construct is an artificial mechanical life form. The majority of constructs in the game are found in the Modron Maze, with few exceptions. Dolora is one such exception, being found in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts in the Clerk's Ward.

Modron Maze Constructs Edit

See Modron Maze

Evil Wizard Construct Edit

The Evil Wizard construct was a drone in the modron cube. After achieving sentience, it attempted to overthrow the modron in charge. A fail-safe activated that sealed the construct in stasis until it was later awakened by the Nameless One.

High Threat Construct Edit

These are the more powerful constructs that inhabit the modron maze. They are capable of dealing out a large amount of damage and can be rather dangerous because they are almost always found in groups of three or four.

Medium Threat Construct Edit

These constructs pose more danger than their more lightweight counterparts, but are not quite as dangerous as High Threat constructs.

Low Threat Construct Edit

Lightweight drones, these constructs are not as dangerous as some of the other constructs, and don't pose much of a threat.

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