Craddock is an irritated supervisor in the Marketplace Area of the Hive, and the target of Baen the Sender's message. He doesn't take well to the shipment having to be prepared on such short notice, and is missing a worker to boot.

Quests Edit

Finding Jhelai Edit

Craddock's worker Jhelai has left for the Smoldering Corpse Bar and refuses to come back. The Nameless One can offer to go talk to him.

But it's apparent that Jhelai will not budge, and TNO can report to a very angry Craddock.


  • 250 XP for talking to Jhelai.
  • 500 XP more for relaying his message to Craddock.
  • New Taunts! for Morte if Jhelai's message was relayed word for word.

Filling in for Jhelai Edit

The Nameless One can then offer to fill in for Jhelai. The work is backbreaking, so payment is based on strength. If Dak'kon is in the party, his spell "Power of One" can be cast on TNO before talking to Craddock to increase his strength.


  • 10 copper (12 or less strength)
  • 20 copper (13-15 strength)
  • 30 copper (16+ strength)

Alignment Edit

  • Good: Offering to help find Jhelai.
  • Evil: Demanding payment to find Jhelai.
  • Lawful: Relaying Jhelai's reply word for word.
  • Good: Offering to help with Craddock's shipment.

Bug Edit

  • Due to a bug, TNO is paid twice for filling in for Jhelai. This bug is fixed in Qwinn's Fixpack.
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