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Crossbow bolts are projectiles fired from a crossbow. Nordom is the only NPC in the game with a crossbow, and thus the only one who uses crossbow bolts. His crossbows never change, so different types of bolts and lens gear are the only ways to affect his damage output outside of affecting his str. Bolt damage is calculated with missile weapon proficiency.

Medium Threat Constructs spawned in the Modron Maze set to normal mode are the best source of bolts found as random loot, and a good source of loot in general. See Modron Maze: Loot.

Bolts of Wincing are the only bolts in the game that can be purchased. Coaxmetal, found in the Siege Tower in the Lower Ward, will sell them to the Nameless One if Nordom is a current party member. Bolts of Wincing are also one of the bolts that Nordom can dispense in dialogue with the Nameless One.

Bolts come in stacks of 10 and are weightless. All bolts have a speed of 10, which means they are the last attack to hit in each round unless there is another speed 10 attack. Bolts of Kessak the Devourer are an exception, as they have a speed of 5.

All bolts except Nordom's own are named differently until they are identified; e.g. the Bolts of Acheron are called "Cube Bolts" before identification, and the Bolts of Kessak the Devourer are called "Fanged Bolts." Fall-from-Grace has Lore skill as her specialization and can identify many bolts and lenses. Unidentified bolts cannot be stacked with identified bolts of the same type, but unidentified bolts of the same type can stack with each other and then be identified en masse.

Nordom and dialogue dispensary[]

See Nordom: Upgrades
Name Damage Notes
Bolts of Wincing 2-9 Piercing, additional 2-9 Slashing Damage on impact, increases Critical Hit probability, Enchanted: +1, THAC0: +1 Asking Nordom to create these increases TNO's Evil
Nordom's Crossbow Bolts 2-5 Piercing, THAC0: +1 Nordom's default bolt; his gear spirits create them as needed.
"Rule-of-Three" Crossbow Bolts 6-15 Piercing Damage, Special: head splits into three on impact -
Winged Bolts 3-6 Piercing, THAC0: +1 Suggest increased accuracy to Nordom

Modron Maze[]

See Modron Maze
Name Damage Notes
Acidic Sponge Bolts 1-2 Crushing Damage, 6 Acid Damage on impact -
Bolts of Acheron 2-5 Crushing Damage, causes stunning, Enchanted: +1, THAC0: +1 -
Bolts of Kessak the Devourer 4-8 Piercing Damage, Enchanted: +2, THAC0: +4 -
Bolts of Whistling Doom 4-16 Crushing Damage, Enchanted: +2, THAC0: +2 -
Jagged Bolts 3-6 Piercing Damage, Enchanted: +1, THAC0: +1 -
Winged Bolts 3-6 Piercing Damage, THAC0: +1 Suggest increased accuracy to Nordom
Zephyr Bolts 2-5 Piercing Damage, Enchanted: +1, THAC0: +1 -