"Curst is a prison town filled with betrayers in words and deeds. We must take care and watch each other." - Fall-from-Grace

Curst is a border town on the edge of the Outlands. It is the gate town to the prison plane Carceri, one of the Hells, a plane that borders on the Abyss itself.

Outer Curst Edit

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The outskirts of Curst are dominated by the Traitor's Gate Tavern and a massive dump.

Curst outer map

Inner Curst Edit

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The center of the town is home to the gate to Carceri.

Curst inner map

Curst Gone Edit

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When the Nameless One and his party return from Baator, Curst is no longer the same...

Gallery Edit

Curst Gate

Curst guards are everywhere, not merely guarding the gate between Inner and Outer Curst, pictured

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