Cust is gone when the Nameless One and his party returns after visiting Baator.

In all the Outlands, even Sigil, belief is made manifest. Next to the Outer Planes, the Outlands themselves are susceptible to the power of belief. Trias, who has been revealed to be the Betrayer, has made of Curst, which was already a town of discord, skullduggery, vengeance and betrayal, a place of fear and rampant violence as well, which was enough to change its nature, and move it physically into the Plane of Carceri.

Inhabitants Edit

The banished fiend which was previously sealed inside Moridor's Box will be found here, around (X=950 Y=1960).

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Curst gone map

Items Edit

Crate (X=3410 Y=2180)

Crate (X=3700 Y=2020)

Buried barrel (X=2900 Y=2310)

Crate (X=3560 Y=2280)

Walkthrough Edit

Previous Area:
The Pillar of Skulls, Return to Baator, and Return to Baator Baator
Next Area:
Curst in Carceri, then Curst Administration in Carceri

Box Fiend Carceri

In the middle of combat, TNO felt it was of vital importance to literally run from his pictured position, all the way around the Gate stanchion to the portal, to chat with the skulls. In this area, avoiding and escaping from dialogue can be as important as escaping from the Fiend from Moridor's Box

Matt Simpson's FAQ, from which the title of this article also comes, took the high road and left this joke unused: You remember Curst as someplace...probably not all that nice. But since you were last here, the place has really gone to hell.

Rubble, probably, strewn across the ground in this area with a name that sounds like a working title; the only remaining structure is the Gate to Carceri where Kiri and An'izius stood. But this is the Outer Planes where anything can happen and usually does, and the cracked mud is still here. Perhaps all the buildings just slid into Carceri, and the rocks on the ground are a light sprinkling of rocks from wandering boulder clouds.

The fiend from Moridor's Box is here. The Nameless One teaming up with Annah to backstab him and then run and hide again will make not short work of him, but safe. Balance in All Things works well for a spellcasting Nameless One, especially if combined with Black-Barbed Shield and Cloak of Warding. Those spells will reflect substantial damage back at the Fiend while reducing incoming damage. Alternatively, repeatedly using Morte's Litany of Curses until the Fiend fails its saving throw can be used as Morte is highly resistant to its attacks.

Presumably because there are no NPCs in Curst Gone, that are the usual best indications of how to proceed, there is instead a code to make TNO, or other party members if he is not there, run up to the center of the Gate to Carceri architecture, so that the Gate skulls can talk to him. This will interfere with running and stealthing, so give the Gate a wide berth. Obviously the escape path should avoid the main party, or the Fiend will get to engage them, negating the best part of the stealth tactic: Damage Control. Problems with either the stealth fight or a frontal assault should be addressed with the Pause button, which gives extra time to assign movement and other commands. The Fiend gives 500,000 XP when defeated, and drops 1000 Copper and the Aegis of Torment ring, with +3 Con, +15 HP, and +3 AC.

Have a little chat with the Gate to Carceri and teleport to Carceri

  • 21 Int: "Is it just me, or are there far too many talking, disembodied heads around these days?" - gives 3000 XP. Morte probably understands TNO to have meant that those heads should have their wish to have their bodies back
Next Area:
Curst in Carceri

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