Curst Underground is the subterranean passageway that leads to the prison. It crawls with dangerous monsters.

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It is recommended that the player not enter this area, either from the entrance in the Outer Curst Town Dump or the entrance from the Traitor's Gate Tavern, until all the events in Curst have been completed. There is no way back.

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Many creatures roams the halls: Lemures, Trelons, Nupperibos and even a couple Red Abishai. There are others, though:

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Curst underground map

Items Edit

Pipe (X=930 Y=2300)

Box (X=2220 Y=3310)

Barrow (X=2060 Y=3250)

Barrow near the mosaics (X=3060 Y=1150)

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Curst Prison

The demon in the Grain Silo, if not the Abishai in Sigil, introduced the theme of monsters who metaphorically shrug and say something to the effect of, 'whatever, I (will / could) smoke you like a cheap ham', and this continues with Ghrist and Tek'elach. Does someone need to teach these demons some respect? Player's choice, except for Ghrist, who is less picky about what he eats, no offense intended.

Curst Underground Edit

Underground Lemure

Brightly colored floors and regulars that are more friendly than elsewhere...the Lemure and Nupperibo rooms, with the right music playing, could just be another nightclub, albeit an pretty crowded one

Ten Lemures, hostile but will not attack unless attacked, 120 XP each. The difficulty of killing each is accordance with XP: low. Their mass numbers, on the other hand, mean that discretion can be the better part of valor here, in that the party will be taking damage it does not have to, if it attacks them all at once. Player's choice. Their low movement speed means it is simple to pull them one by one with a Magic Missile spell (or two by two, if the spell kills the first one). Or backstab, run, hide, repeat. Spells like Blacksphere and Fire and Ice will take care of them quickly, but take care not to accidentally hit the nearby Red Abishai unless you're ready for a fight.
Ten, approximately, Nupperibos. As with the Lemures: 120 XP each, difficulty in accordance with XP, mass numbers.
Two Black Abishai. Same as in Sigil: non-hostile until aggravated in dialogue or attacked, nothing new to say. 7,000 XP each
Tek'elach. Says he is a Cornugon, a high-ranking Baatezu. What he is doing here, he will not say, other than mentioning that the Chaos in Curst is causing it to shift alignment and 'slide' into the plane of Carceri. If you are a member of the godsmen faction, Tek'elach will reveal that his superior ordered the secret machine found in the foundry.
Leave both Tek'elach and Agril-Shanak (summoned fiend in the Grain Silo) alive, and they will appear in Curst in Carceri, fighting each other by the Barracks[1]
Voorsha. Says he is a 'bootlegger', and will be partners in return for killing the Gehreleth, Ghrist. Return and he admits he expected Ghrist to kill the party, then attacks. 270 XP and 'average' loot
Ghrist. Gehreleth that is here to eat Trias the Deva, and fully expects the party to be a tasty appetizer, but will answer questions first
Hermit 1100, 1200. A victim of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; no matter how many times he is approached, he always expects it to be monsters, and is startled. Will allow infinite Resting for free (but do not come back from the Prison to rest, see bottom)

Entrance from Traitor's Gate Tavern Edit

Three Trelons will charge immediately. Directly north is the room with the Nuppperibos, but there are other Trelons nearby to deal with first; they can be pulled one by one. A room with five Trelons is to the northwest; use line of sight to pull the Trelons one by one. North of the Trelon room is the room with the Lemures.

Entrance from Curst Dump Edit

One Trelon will charge immediately, with another following. The Ghrist monstrous NPC's patrol route is very near the entrance, and would be hard to avoid; it engages the party in dialogue, but all paths lead to combat. Trelons are in both of the nearby passages

'Critical bug: It is recommended that the player only leave #Curst Prison once, if they turned in the Gith politician or both politicians to the Guard Captain, as otherwise both An'izius and Siabha's executions will begin at the same time in Curst in Carceri

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