Curst in Carceri is the very same town of Curst, which has slipped into the hellish plane of Carceri while the Nameless One and his party were in Baator.

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Curst in carceri map

Warehouse map:

Carceri warehouse map

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Curst in Carceri

Crate (X=2410 Y=1640)

Crate (X=2460 Y=1800)

  • 9 Copper Commons

Crate (X=2540 Y=1750)

  • 11 Copper Commons

Crate (X=2330 Y=1650)

Crate (X=2390 Y=1720)


Between two planks of wood (X=390 Y=280)

Box(X=560 Y=470)

Crate (X=730 Y=700)

Walkthrough Edit

Trias has gained power from his condemnation of the sinners of Curst, and its fall into the Prison Plane of Carceri. Reverse his actions, and he loses power when he is fought in the Curst Administration. Good Deeds are counted, and the total determines Trias' AC and other statistics; they are separate from alignment changes towards Goodness, that make TNO more Good, although some of these deeds will cause alignment changes as well. There is even a bugged Deed and a morally ambivalent deed that count as Good Deeds but make TNO more Evil!

This map is much more combat-oriented than usual; rest areas are at 5. and 8. on the map, although they must be cleared of weak enemies first.

  • 1. The party begins at 1. on the map. Avoid or fight the monsters, but it is not possible to do -all- of the Good Deeds here without killing something.
  • 2. The Dump Caretaker starts north of the party and will move to engage TNO in conversation. He will tell of the misfortune that has beset Curst, urge TNO to get the townspeople to act with Forgiveness, and give a Scroll of Meteor Swarm Bombardment. It may be possible to unintentionally avoid him if moving west first, so search him out if necessary.
  • 3. To the north /up from the start point (3750, 2900) are Berrog and the former Burgher of the town, Githyanki rebel Tovus Giljaf, both trapped underneath a wagon that fell on them when the town shifted into the Plane of Carceri. This little dilemma is a dilemma within a dilemma, as the rewards for it are bugged. Admittedly, it is a rather confusing situation, if only in terms of moral ambivalence. The player can get one part of the reward, a scroll of Deathbolt, no matter which choice. If The Nameless One remembers what the Caretaker says about forgiveness, ignores Githzerai Dak'kon's vengeful words about the Githyanki, and does the right thing and saves them both, he gains only one of the three other rewards. With this choice, which requires an Int of 14, and only becomes available after speaking with both men, he becomes more - Alignment change - Good, but it does not count as a Good Deed or gain any XP (? Bug!). If he saves only Burgher, who offers to influence his men to aid TNO's struggle against Trias, he becomes more - Alignment shift - Evil, but it counts as a Good Deed (? Bug!), and the player gets the scroll and 125,000 XP. The Burgher's men do not help. The most advantageous and least backwards of the rewards is to save the virtuous Berrog, who remembers the teachings of his Arcadian homeland and offers to let the Burgher be saved first. Saving him gives all the rewards: the Good Deed, the - Alignment change - towards Goodness, the XP, and the scroll, if TNO searches the Burgher's corpse for it.
  • 4. To the west / left of where the party was teleported, at 2620, 2845, is a group of Gehreleths attacking townsfolk. Kill the Gehreleths to gain 225,000 XP. Save eight of the townsfolk, and it counts as a Good Deed. Success is indicated by friendly blue circles under all the townsfolk and the occasional cheers of praise for saving them, as opposed to panicked yellow-circled citizenry scurrying to and fro.

When the party first arrives in the area, a contingent of ostensibly heavily armored guards Guards (at 10 on the map) are holding off a group of Thugs. In reality, they could use some help.

The guards, if they survive, patrol all around the western area. A couple of Crazy Mages perched on inaccessible rooftops (at 13 and 17 on the map) keep the party under fire with Magic Missile spells every 20 seconds or so. Dak'kon can deal with them easily, given the opportunity to Rest and regain his spells. Infinite spawns of Gehreleth, Trelons, and the odd Tuscampa evade the guards and party, for the most part, but will make opportunistic attacks against stragglers and anyone that stands directly in their path. The survival of the guards aids the player by reducing the chance of opportunistic attacks against the party, as the monsters will be evading the guards instead.

  • 6. Jasilya 3030, 1850. As Curst has been magically recreated here in the image of its new Plane, perhaps it is not so surprising to see Jasilya again under threat from a crowd of violent men; this time Thugs rather than Harmonium Guards. This is a Good Deed, and Jasilya may wish to thank TNO for it; the player may wish to keep in mind the feelings of female party members. Perhaps TNO expresses concern about the safety of the first group of townspeople and sends Annah and Grace to check on them. Jasilya affects the limp-wristed, forearm-vertical, hip-swinging gait of the Clerk's Ward women, but it is tactically effective nonetheless against the haplesss Thugs; unlike other encounters in this area, Jasilya is quite safe to be left to fend for herself for at least a while.

All the loot in the outside map is in one collection of large chests southwest / below and to the left of Jasilya, at 11 on the map.

West of the containers is in range of the first Crazy Mage (at 13. on the map)
South of the containers is the Distillery.

Distillery in Carceri Edit

At 5. on the map.

  • Saving Kester from the Thugs is a Good Deed. Player can Rest inside the Distillery

Moving west and south on the south side of the Distillery, along the wall:

  • 7. On top of the Scaffold at 830, 2940, convincing the Judge (15 Int or Wis) that killing the official is "madness", and halting the execution will help put "Curst back where it belongs", is a Good Deed and worth 225,000 XP. An'izius is the official if he was turned in for plotting against Siabha, and is the default, if both were charged; Siabha, if only she was accused. The bugged scenario, in which both executions take place at once, may not be possible to complete successfully. There is no fix to this except start a new game from before the last piece of the bug was triggered; the final trigger being leaving Curst Prison and going to Curst Underground. Qwinn's Fixpack can remedy this part of the game for future playthroughs.

Moving back to the Distillery, and northwest, northwest of where Jasilya was, is a ramp to the Carceri Warehouse:

  • Looters are outside the Warehouse at 3330, 1260; Jujog can be dissuaded from looting with 15 INT, CHA or WIS, a Good Deed worth 150,000 XP. - Alignment change - more Good.

Carceri Warehouse Edit

Ebb Creakknees Curst

Once Ebb Creakknees starts for the door, there is no talking with him

  • The entrance to the warehouse is at 12 on the map. Inside is a group of Anarchists and Ebb Creakknees. Chaos is the alignment of the Anarchists faction with which he works, so using Chaos as a pejorative really slows things down, but Ebb is a pretty good natured fellow and can be talked around after even that insult - Good Deed, 225,000 XP, and scroll of Desert Hell.

Ebb is the second, and much more powerful, of two XP Exploits in the game, his dialogue being repeatable after Zoning (quickly, or he will leave altogether), for 225,000 XP. Ebb Creakknees will be making to leave as the party enters, and so the game should be paused, TNO selected, Ebb Creakknees clicked on, and the camera left centered (not locked, that can cause all kinds of problems) on the rest of the party. Hit 1, 2, 1, and 1, and click on another party member, for a rapid exits after dialogue. Either get this routine perfect, or save after every exit, because once he starts moving for the door, he will leave permanently. (This abuse has been removed with the steam version, as Ebb now vanished instantly.)

There are three containers in the Warehouse: The Ancient Scroll, very hard to find, at exactly 395, 285. Another container at 565, 465 holds 733 copper, a Charcoal Charm, and a Magus Shield, the last, hopefully, was redundant to the player's already high Armor Class even before it was first available to buy at the Lower Ward market. There are three scrolls at 730, 700: Ball Lightning, Ice Knife, and Cure Serious Wounds

The first such exploit is Hamrys in Lower Ward, who gives 2,000 while standing in place, which is fast, but not 100 times faster, even compared with the time taken to exit and reenter. Neither of these are infinite, effectively. Hamrys' dialogue ceases (and the quest is crossed out, contrary to some guides) once TNO gets the coffin pillow to its recipient for the Dream Machine quest.

Ancient Scroll

The party playing their version of the Bone Village excavation minigame from FF VII- they are all facing the tiny blue highlighted container area containing the Ancient Scroll

The player will eventually have to leave this area permanently, of course, and return to Sigil, but they will also want to pick up the Ancient Scroll, with a variety of powerful rewards to choose from. There is an exploit for this, also: Make TNO a Mage so he can use the scroll, put the scroll in Dak'kon's inventory, and Use the scroll and choose a reward. The reward will be given, as it is coded for TNO Using the scroll (in the same way as he runs to Morte to upgrade Ingress' Teeth or change its damage type), but the scroll will not be used up, as it is tagged as unusable (and displayed the 'unusable' red) in Dak'kon's inventory.

Ancient Scroll medium

Zooming in on the Ancient Scroll location

Ebb's dialogue is enhanced to relate to the Anarchist faction in Qwinn's Fixpack[1]

From the Distillery, north, past the range of the first Crazy Mage and into the range of the second (at 17. on the map):

  • At 1270, 940 (14 on the map), citizenry have decided that executing an official is a Good Start. Convincing Mr. "Angry" otherwise takes 15 Int, Wis, or Charisma, gives 150,000 XP, and is a Good Deed. If the patrols of monsters are proving to be difficult, and the party needs to be safe while TNO talks to the official and 'Angry citizen', the monsters should be dealt with at the bottleneck / choke point to the south of the group of citizens, as it will only be a few seconds after arrival in their immediate vicinity before the citizens kill him and turn hostile to the party. That means talking to the official while the Crazy Mage is firing, because ranged attackers inexplicably must run right up to within a couple of yards of him, triggering the mob's vengeance
  • Thokola slavers at 2130, 580 will not say much. They appear to block the ramp but TNO can pass between them to talk to Hezobol (15 on the map). Killing Hezobol makes an - Alignment change - towards Evilness, but is a Good Deed and gives his loot and XP (Knife, Adder's Tear, Thrice-Blind Charm, 1000 XP). Also a Good Deed is saying, "I'm here to stop you", which gets 150,000 XP. Equally rewarding (albeit requiring 15 Int, Wis, or Chr and more eloquent and articulate is to convince him that the evils of slavery have resulted in Curst's slide into the prison plane, and that he can use his power for good instead of evil.
  • Hermit near the entrance to the Curst Administration building (16 on the map) will move towards the party as the Dump Caretaker does, and once TNO proclaims he will deal with Trias, later, offers one healing spell on each party member, one time, whereupon he disappears from the map.

Barracks Edit

  • At 8 on the map. Two hostile guards finish off a Sohmien and then will attack. Once they are removed, the building can be used to Rest in.

Outside the Barracks, at 9 on the map, Tek'elach and Agril-Shanak will be fighting, if the player let them live.

The party can move freely between the Carceri map and the Curst Administration complex, through the door at 18 on the map.

Next Area:
Curst Administration in Carceri

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