Dak'kon is a potential companion in Planescape: Torment. He is a githzerai, a people who live in Limbo, where the form of matter itself can only be held together by concentration. Like others of his race, he places a great emphasis on the holistic knowledge of things, even the word *know* itself. He used to be a Zerth, but in not *knowing* the teachings of Zerthimon he left the City of the People.

He is a Fighter/Mage, and can teach The Nameless One both the Art and the knowledge of weapons.


"My past is not known to you. It is not my will that you should know it. Know that I bear the scars of one who has travelled the Planes. Know that I have never rested long in any one place. Know that I bear the weight of one who has travelled far to be in this place. Know that I am a Githzerai. Know that I am of the people of Zerthimon. It was Zerthimon who knew the Githzerai before we knew ourselves. He knew what had to be done to free us. From his knowing, came action. From his knowing, freedom was born. The Githzerai ceased to be slaves and became a people. Know that I follow the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. His words are known to me. His heart is known to me. All that remains is that I know myself."

While translating the Circles of Zerthimon, it is revealed that Dak'kon had a crisis of faith which forestalled his learning of the Githzerai mysticism; The Nameless One can surpass Dak'kon in these teachings, and aid him in proceeding with them.

Dakkon concept art

Concept art for Dak'kon the Pariah

Dak'kon reveals that he was a leader in the city of Shra'kt'lor and his word was relied upon by its inhabitants to reinforce the willpower required to keep it whole and functioning. When Dak'kon began to have heretical thoughts about the teachings of Zerthimon, his will faltered, causing and spreading division, and through him the people and the city were weakened and fell.

An earlier incarnation of TNO rescued Dak'kon from the ravages of Limbo after the city's fall, knowing that githzerai tradition would lead Dak'kon to swear to serve until TNO's death...without knowing that his new master would never die. And because the binding word was Dak'kon's and Dak'kon's alone, nothing said by any later incarnation can free him; if TNO vows to find a way Dak'kon only looks sick and states that now there are chains on them both.

Recruiting Dak'kon Edit

Dak'kon can be found in the Smoldering Corpse Bar, at (X=970 Y=980). When the conversation turns to the city of Sigil, Dak'kon asserts that it doesn't *know* itself. If The Nameless One has more than 13 points in either Wisdom or Intelligence, he can also state various Truths about the city, which can impact TNO's alignment. With 14 Intelligence, TNO can respond to his following question by implying that Dak'kon himself might be flawed.

Then, TNO has the opportunity to say that we *know* ourselves through questions (which rewards 500 XP), and prompt Dak'kon to offer to join the party, which, if TNO accepts, grants 1000 XP.

Conversations Edit

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Dak'kon, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics, most often himself with the Nameless One.

Not only is there experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, but Dak'kon's morale can be improved or worsened, which affects the upgrades to his blade.


Initial 33/33 6 18 17 16 16 13 13 13
Upgraded 18 18 18 13 13 13

Upgrading Dak'kon Edit

Dak'kon's stats can be upgraded by studying the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon with him, until the final, Eighth Circle is *known* to him, and the Nameless One. As shown above, this grants him +1 STR, +2 DEX and +2 CON.

After his upgrade, it is possible to get his constitution high enough that he will start regenerating health, just as the Nameless One does, by giving him a +2 constitution tattoo.

Animation and dialogue Edit

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In addition to unique fighting moves, each character has their own running animation, 'breathing' animation, and intermittent 'fidget' animation.

  • 'Fidget' animation: Dak'kon stretches his left arm and blade back, and sweeps his right from in front of his chest, to the side, while lifting his left thigh up, knee bent

Trivia Edit

  • When both the Nameless One and Dak'kon's constitution are at 20, Dak'kon actually regenerates HP faster than TNO. At all other values, the reverse is true.

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